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Providing this information has been a joint effort -

Mr. David Blackwell provided the information on the Weymouth History and the Rev. Abner Morse book -

The 1988 and 1998 Holbrook Report was prepeared by JC Halbrooks - See those pages for information on JC himself, who most unfortunately deceased in 1999 -

Update 7/12/2016: I have added some useful genealogical reference links from NYC Genealogy as sugggested by Mrs. Gold and her 'home-schooled' students -

Update 3/12/2008: I have added the Holbrook portion of the Abner Morse book - I do not know which volume it comes from - It was supplied to me some time ago by JC Halbrooks and unfortunately is a copy of a copy - The original files are .JPG format and are in a web album linked below - you can right click each page and select "Save Picture As..." to put a copy on your local hard drive - it might be easier doing that and using a graphics browser of your own choice for viewing - the images are large and there's generally two to a page - scrolling in the web album to read the pages is a bit tricky -

I also uncluded a PDF of the same images - I separated them into single pages and Adobe Acrobat Reader allows zomming and such for easy viewing - I believe the PDF file is almost as good as the quality of the original .JPG files, but if you find something you can't read, you might check the respective page in the web album - The PDF is large, not a problem for broadband users, but could easily take several hours with a dialup connection - of course you can view it and then do a file save in Adobe Acrobat reader to save a copy, if you wish - you could also right click the PDF link below and select "Save Target As..." to download a copy to your local hard drive -

I also have part of the Hunt papers who was hired to do a search of my family history - JC picked up a copy from the Dyer Memorial Library in Abington, Massachusetts

Collections of the Dyer: "Included in our genealogy collection are the personal research papers of Anna and Leila Gurney from Whitman and Herbert Hunt of Rockland." - Dyer Memorial Library

On April 5, 2005, I added Bellinda Myrick-Barnett's email discussing the descendants of Randolph and Janet's daughter, Elizabeth HOLBROOK, and her 1st husband, (Major) Samuel EARLE, III, (1st Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses elected from Frederick County) - Many thanks to Bellinda for sharing -

On April 25, 2005, I added Ward White's transciption of the Holbrook Family Record Book from 1693 - Many thanks to Ward for sharing and permission to share -

If you have some genealogy information on the Holbrook family line, I would be happy to provide the web space with proper credit for the information - It need not be my direct ascendants which is most of what I have here -

I have just started to put this information togther, so it is a bit 'rag-tag' - For examples, there are no return links - you'll have to use your browser's back button - and so on ... - I do hope to clean it up some and 'spruce it up' as time goes by -

Larry Holbrook
from JC Halbrooks:
Generation 1, Thomas Holbrook b. ca 1520, Somerset, England, d. 1559
Generation 2, Richard Holbrook (ALS Hoges) d. ca 1546, Dundry, Somerset, England
Generation 3, Thomas Holbrook, Somerset, England
Generation 4, William Holbrook
Generation 5, Thomas Holbrook, d. May 10, 1676/7, Weymouth, Ma.
Generation 6, Wiliam Holbrook baptised Jun 06, 1620, Somerset England, d. Jul 03, 1699, Scituate Ma.
Generation 7, Cornelius Holbrook b. Nov 10, 1662, Weymouth, Ma.
Generation 8, William Holbrook b. Jul 04, 1709, Weymouth, Ma. d. Nov 23, 1764
Generation 9, Abner Holbrook b. May 09, 1741, Weymouth Ma. d. May 31, 1788
Generation 10, Daniel Holbrook b. Apr 03, 1787, Weymouth, Ma. d.Oct 19, 1869
Generation 11, Osbert Holbrook b.Dec 27, 1814 Abington, Ma.
And from the Hunt papers:
Generation 12, Henry Watson Holbrook b. May 16, 1851 Abington, Ma.
Generation 13, Herman Sumner Holbrook b. Mar 16, 1887, Rockland Ma.
Generation 14, Lawrence Sumner Holbrook b. Jan 19, 1920 on the couch at 101 Salem St. Rockland, Massachusetts
Generation 15, ME - Laurence Litchfield Holbrook b. March 30, 1946 at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Massachusetts