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I received the following email from Bellinda Myrick-Barnett and have posted it in it's entirety - Many thanks to Bellinda for sharing this information - I'm sure that she as well as I hope you might find the information contained therein useful and interesting - I do have contact information for Bellinda which I will share upon request - llh

-----Original Message-----
From: Bellinda Myrick-Barnett
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 1:25 PM
Subject: HOLBROOK Family

Dear Laurence,
I am not sure as to whether or not we have communicated previously but I was just recently viewing your HOLBROOK family information online at your HOLBROOK REPORT 1998 website and noticed that you do not have the descendants of Randolph and Janet's daughter, Elizabeth HOLBROOK, and her 1st husband, (Major) Samuel EARLE, III, (1st Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses elected from Frederick County,) listed.  (Major) Samuel EARLE, III held the seat that would later be held by (General) George WASHINGTON prior to his election as President and he was the son of Augustine WASHINGTON who owned land that adjoined that of Samuel EARLE, I, (grandfather of (Major) Samuel EARLE, III,) who was the son of (Sir) John EARLE, I/Sr. who immigrated in 1649 into St. Mary's County, Maryland and then quickly moved into Northumberland County, Virginia where he settled Yeocomico Plantation.  Samuel EARLE, I's mother was the 1st wife of (Sir) John EARLE, I/Sr. and she was Mary SYM(M)ON(D)S, immigrant in 1652.  After Mary's death, (Sir) John EARLE, I/Sr. married 2nd wife, Mrs. Elizabeth CAUSEY HOWELL, who very soon after married 3rd or 4th husband, William CLEMENT.  Mary SYM(M)ON(D)S and (Sir) John EARLE, I/Sr. were the parents of Samuel EARLE, I who married 1st wife, Bridget HA(Y)LE(S) (sometimes shown as BAYLES,) and then later Samuel EARLE, I married 2nd wife, Mat(t)ilda ALLERTON as her 1st husband.  Mat(t)ilda ALLERTON later married 2nd husband, William RUST/RUSH and then 3rd husband, John BENNETT, with both William and John both having previously been married.  John BENNETT is believed to be another of my 7th great grandfathers as he is believed to have been the father of Phillis BENNETT who married Samuel EARLE, II, son of Bridget and Samuel EARLE, I, and then Phillis BENNETT and Samuel EARLE, II were the parents of the aforementioned (Major) Samuel EARLE, III who married 1st wife, Anna SORRELL, and then married 2nd wife, Elizabeth HOLBROOK.
I am their 5th great granddaughter, Bellinda MYRICK, descended from their son, Samuel EARLE, IV, (RS,) who married Tabitha WILLIAMS and they were the parents of my paternal 3rd great grandmother, Kitty EARLE, who married Bailey JENNINGS, (as his 1st wife,) parents of Sarah "Sally" JENNINGS who married as the 2nd wife of Jeremiah "Jerry" PARKER, parents of my paternal great grandfather, Spencer B. PARKER, who married as the 2nd husband of Mrs. Rachael Moranda "Randa" LEWIS BRIGHT, parents of my paternal grandmother, Allie Artimissa PARKER, who married my grandfather, James Martin "Jim" MYRICK, parents of my father, Billy Earle MYRICK, who married my mother, Ethel LaVerne SLAUGHTER.  Samuel EARLE, IV, (RS,) born:  1760 at Town Run, Fauquier County, Virginia, was the 2nd son of his father to have been named Samuel EARLE, IV as he had a 1/2 brother of the same name born in 1727 to (Major) Samuel EARLE, III and his 1st wife, Anna SORRELL.  Elizabeth HOLBROOK later married to other husbands... husband # 2:  Edward ROGERS and husband # 3:  Joseph BURN(S)/BYRNE(S.)  I don't believe that she had any children with ROGERS but she did have a daughter with BURN(S) and I think that her name was Nancy Earle BURNS or Nancy Holland BURNS...don't have info right here in front of me.  Nancy married another descendant of Samuel, III who was her cousin....think he may have been one of the John EARLE men....but, again, have to check that.  Anyway, if you do not have the descendants of Elizabeth and Samuel and would like to add them, please let me know.
Looking forward to hearing from you and to reading more of the information that you have on the website.  Thanks very much for sharing.
Bellinda Myrick-Barnett