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I received the following email from Ward White and have posted the transcription of the Holbrook Record Book that he mentioned in his email - Many thanks to Ward for sharing this information - I'm sure that he as well as I hope you might find the information contained therein useful and interesting - I do have contact information for Ward which I will share upon request - llh

From: Ward White
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 12:18 PM
Subject: My Line of Holbrooks

I am a descendant of Thomas Holbrook (b. 6 Apr 1625) down through Betsey Bogle Holbrook (my GGGrandmother). It is up through John Holbrook (b. 1 Aug 1717) that I have established an approved Mayflower line from Henry Samson to me.
Attached is a transcription of an old Holbrook Record Book that was handed down in my family thru several generations of Micah (b. 11 Mar 1744)/ Benjamin Thompson Holbrook Reunions. As you can see there were no entries in the Record since around the late 1930's.
You are welcome to post this information on your website and maybe it can be of use to those searching this branch of the Holbrooks.
By the way, I really enjoyed your piano playing!!
Best regards,
Ward Clemence White (b. 20 Dec 1931)

History of the Holbrook Family from 1693

Transcribed from the Holbrook Family Record Book


                                                     Ward Clemence White (see Page 68)

March 24, 2005

Note: The Original Holbrook Family Record Book is in a very fragile and faded condition, therefore it is transcribed verbatim including noticeable corrections by the writers of the Record Book. There are obvious misspellings and incorrect dates based on later records but are copied as written in this record. Comments by the Transcriber are shown in italics to distinguish them from the original information documented in the Record Book.

Beginning of Transcription:

Page 1

            History is a grand poem, which saves the past from oblivion and teaches lessons for the future. A rare and beautiful tapestry, whose warp is time and wool humanity, all woven to conform with the plan of the Divine artist who holds the shuttle in his hand.

            Could we grasp with human wisdom what Divinity conceives, there would be no inconsistencies in that fabric, but one grand harmony of plan and purpose, making a beauty fit for Heaven as we shall see when the finished pattern is unfolded in eternity.

            Everyone that lives has his influence. The world can not be the same it would have been without us.

            The thread of our lives be it soiled, tangled, knotted and darkened is woven in as surely as though it were spun smooth and shining.

            Today we are to search this woven fabric of History to find the beginning character and extent of one unfinished vine called –The Holbrook Family---.

Page 2

            We can not tell just where it commences. We thought it sprang from the Mayflower; a second investigation proves this to be impossible. Our first reliable facts begin in the days Captain Kidd with his pirates were scouring the seas; when people were hanged for witchcraft in New England; and when the Indians were perpetrating their cruel tortures on the defenseless colonists.

            In the days of Benjamin Thompson and John Holbrook, the very year that the farmer settled in Rhode Island was the Chickasaw war in the Ohio Valley, a few years after King George’s war with the French.

            These were the days of the boyhood of George Washington and his first act of public service.

            John Holbrook married Lydia Goldthrait, daughter of John Goldthrait. (Lydia was second wife of John Holbrook; ref. Mayflower Society) Lydia had one sister, Elizabeth, who married Peter Darling and who from his death to her own was hopelessly insane. John Holbrook was guardian of Peter Darling’s daughter Sally and she lived with them. John Holbrook had five children viz: Amariah, Samuel, John, Micah and Rhoda. (Mayflower Society lists five children by his first wife Zilpah/Zilpha Thayer as Amariah, John, Micah, Rhoda, and Catharina.  Samuel is not listed.)

Page 3

            At this time John Holbrook was a farmer in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Province of Mass.

            In his will he reserves a portion for his daughter and divides the remainder among his sons, giving Micah the largest share on condition that he take care of his mother.

            Micah married the daughter of Joseph Thayer by whom he had three children, David, Enos, and Sarah. For his second wife he married Mary Thompson, youngest daughter of Benjamin Thompson. Their children were Benjamin Thompson Holbrook and Rhoda Holbrook.

            John Holbrook the first ancestor we have found in our history was a farmer. His son Micah, a man possessed of considerable influence, was a hard-working blacksmith. Both he and his wife were members of the Methodist church in Mendon, Mass.

            Benjamin Thompson, father of Mary Thompson, was born about 1700. At the time of his death was a farmer in Smithfield county, Province Colony of Rhode Island. He had five sons; two daughters; John, Roger, Ebenezer, Timothy, who died before his father, Martha and Mary. Timothy died in Richmond, New Hampshire. His widow lived with her sons after his death.

Page 4

            Timothy’s children shared equally with Benjamin Thompson’s children in his will. Benjamin Thompson leaves enough of his words and deeds for us to judge what manner of man he was. His will in its ancient form and original dress is well worth being copied for our study.

            A part is here inserted.

“I will give to my beloved daughter Martha, wife of David Belen, the one-seventh part of my estate, not before given away, in the following manner and form and not otherwise. That is to say for her to have the one-seventh part, kept for her for real necessity and to be dealt out to her by my executor as he shall think proper and if my daughter shall outlive her said husband then for her to receive the whole of the remaining portion.

            But if my daughter Martha should die before her said husband then my will is that , that part be equally divided among the rest of my heirs, named in this will and that her said husband shall have none of it.

            The reason of my giving it to her in this form or manner is that the said David Belen hath behaved himself so contemptuously to me and my daughter Martha that my will is he should have

Page 5

none of my estate.” Micah Holbrook and Roger Thompson are mentioned as executors of this will and Mary, Micah Holbrook’s wife, is remembered in a very substantial way and spoken of in affectionate terms. We have at the date of 1789 forty several deeds of lands given to Benjamin Thompson when he settled in Rhode Island.

            In 1800 Micah Holbrook bought land in Swansey, Chestershire county, New Hampshire, which belonged to his brothers wife Lydia Southwick. He removed to that place with his wife and daughter’s family.

            Of the life in Swansey we have a few reminiscences from the pen of Richard Pearse, oldest son of Rhoda Holbrook Pearse, of Moline Co., Ill. He writes; I well remember the time when my father and mother, grandfather and grandmother Holbrook moved from Uxbridge, Worcester Co., Mass to Swansey on the old Ashanile farm, better known as the Red Tavern on the Bennot Farm. The time when uncle Ben brought home aunt Betsy Shirley.

            All these things are vivid in my recollection.

Page 6

            In 1810 Benjamin Thompson Holbrook lived in Buffalo, when his father Micah Holbrook died while on a visit to his son.

            Rhoda Holbrook Pearse, only daughter of Mary Thompson Holbrook, born Sept. 6, 1782 married Timothy Pearse, M.D., Apr.12, 1797 in Uxbridge, Worcester Co., Mass. She died in Friendship, N.Y. Apr. 4, 1841. She was a member of the Congregational Church.

            Dr. Timothy Pearse was the youngest son of Richard and Phebe Pearse. Dr. Pearse and family lived for a time in Sudbury Ver. They moved in April 1812 to Almond, Allegheny, N.Y. and from that place to Friendship, N.Y. in April 1816. Dr. Pearse died at the latter place Feb. 27, 1852.

            The children of Dr. and Mrs. Pearse were

            (1) Richard R. Pearse born June 18, 1799

            (2) Benjamin H. Pearse born Aug. 28, 1801

            (3) Levi W. Pearse born Dec. 10, 1805

            (4) Rhoda Holbrook Pearse born Mar. 3, 1810 and lived in Friendship, N.Y. Dec. 8, 1830.

            (5) Mary H. Pearse born April 29, 1813 and died Sept. 29, 1874

            (6) Phebe M. Pearse born Sep. 6, 1815 and died Aug. 19, 1817

            (7) Alonzo Pearse born Sept. 20, 1818

Page 7

            (8) Lydia Pearse born May 24, 1821

            (9) Marilla Pearse born Mar. 29, 1828

            (1) Richard R. Pearse has lived in different places in N.Y., Iowa, Cal. And in 1885 is still living Moline, Ill. Has been married twice. The children by the first marriage are Rhoda, Henry, Phebe, Hannah and Richard. The children by the second marriage are Levi, Ophelia, Mary and Theresa. Rhoda and Phebe died young. Levi was killed in the battle of Pea Ridge. Henry has been married twice, his first wife was Sarah Scofield. Hannah married Mr. Wheeler. They have six children.

            (2) Benjamin Holbrook Pearse married Miss Mary Heath who died Apr. 2, 1874 aged 69 yrs. He died at Friendship, N.Y. Aug. 13, 1885. Their children were Simeon H., Louisa,  Helen, Levi C., Sarah C., and William W. Simeon H. is a physician in 1885 residing in Mt. Vernon, Ind. Louisa married Job Potter, had three children. Helen and Levi in 1885 reside in Friendship, N.Y. Sarah married for second husband Henry Pearse and resides in 1885 in Henepin, Ill. William W. died in Mt. Vernon, Ind. Apr. 22, 1884. He was lawyer. He left one child Mary Pearse.

            (For remainder of Pearse Family History Page 50)

Page 8

            Benjamin Thompson Holbrook youngest son of Micah Holbrook was born in Smithfield, Rhode Island Aug. 18, 1786. Betsey Shirley daughter of John Shirley was born in Swansey, New Hampshire Feb. 16, 1786. They were married Mar. 17, 1805.

            John Shirley was the grandson Gov. Wm. Shirley of Mass. Gov. Shirley was born in Sussex England in 1693; Settled in Boston in 1734; Was Gov. of Mass. From 1741 to 1745; Was Captain-in-Chief of the British forces during the French and Indian War; Was Governor of Bahama Islands; returned to Roxbury, Mass, where he died in 1771. Just here is a family trouble which has been remembered through the generations and which explains the indigence of some of his family.

            The story goes that he became enamored of a beautiful French lady and forgetting family, friends, duty and principles fled with her to the Bahama Is., where he was made Gov. for a time. After the death of his wife, he returned with his beautiful young wife to his New England friends where he died. Gov. Shirley’s oldest son Ferrers, father of John Shirley was an officer in the French and Indian War with Washington

Page 9

under Braddock and fell in Braddock’s defeat at Ft. DuQuesne. He married an English lady and their son John was born on ship-board when they were returning to America. The mother died soon after and Ferrers Shirley fell in battle the same year 1755 as has been related.

            John Shirley was entirely ignored by his grandfather Gov. Shirley, and at a suitable age was bound out to a shoemaker in Boston named Frazier. He lived with this family until he entered the army. Toward the close of his term of service Daniel Frazier son of his employer was drafted in the Revolutionary War and John Shirley went in his place.

            He served some time in the field; was captured by the British; was sick of yellow fever in the hospital prison. He refused to take the medicine administered, as he saw that every one that tasted it died, and bribed his nurse to cook a rat he had seen killed shortly before and feed him the broth.

            He began to recover slowly from this time and when able to be about the house he surprised and pleased all whom he met by his inexhaustible fund of

Page 10

social attainments. At last he escaped by stratagem. He feigned considerable skill as a pugilist – and several times demonstrated his skill to the great amusement of friends and foes. He finally proposed to the commander-in-charge that he should fight for his liberty against any person they should select. This pleased the garrison and a large burly Negro was selected, who was a terror to all. If he could vanquish him he was told he might return to his regiment.

            A day was appointed for the combat and just before the hour arrived one of his newly made friends took him aside and told him the secret of the negro’s success was in crushing his adversary with his head in a certain headlong rush which would dash him backward against the stonewall of the prison and kill him instantly. The combatants took their places. The signal was given. After a few cuffs and blows were exchanged, the Negro quickly backed off and started forward at a tremendous force, with his head down. Shirley was prepared for this and when the Negro was almost upon him, he quickly stepped aside and the Negro was thrown by his own tremendous force

Page 11

against the ragged stone wall and fell back dead.

            John Shirley was given his liberty. He returned to his regiment and served until the close of the war. After he returned from the war, he determined to educate himself. At his father’s death, he had been left in charge of his grandfather with property which belonged to him but the Gov. needing the money fled with and seemed entirely forget this boy to whom it belonged. So now the young man stood alone in the world without money and without friends; ready to begin life for himself.

            He first mastered the elements of primary education supporting himself meanwhile by shoemaking. He persevered in this undertaking and became a fine scholar and an excellent musician. He married Submit Bogle about 1780. Their children were Mary, William, Betsey, Henry, Benjamin, Warren, Nancy and Hannah.

            Mary married Peter Brigham of Roxbury, Mass.

            Hannah married Mr. Matthews of Stoneboro, Mass.

            Nancy married Mr. Shore of Boston. They had one daughter named Georgiana who married Mr. Dudley of

Page 12

Winchendon, Mass. Georgiana Dudley had one daughter Emma. These three older women were left widows when quite young and for some time the four generations lived together. Mrs. Shore died Sept. 25, 1874. Mrs. Dudley some time before. Emma Teubon married Dr. Smith of Xenia, Ohio in 1877; lived there for some time; has since returned to Boston. Benjamin Shirley ran away. Many years after his death, his friends had unmistakable evidence that he after following the sea for some years took up his abode on one of the fertile islands of the Pacific, when he married the daughter of the king, and after the king’s death occupied his throne. Warren the youngest son of John Shirley died on the way to California. Henry Shirley had four children; Mary Submit, John Warren, William Henry, and Betsey Ann.

            Mary died in 1876 leaving one child, Mrs. Henry Allen of Manchester, VT. Mrs. Henry Allen died in 1882.

            John Warren now lives at Worcester, Mass.

            Betsey Ann married J.M. Gregory and resides in Sunderland, VT. They have six children – Addis, William, Ella, Florence, Emma and Mary.

Page 13

William Henry Shirley lives on the old homestead at Fitzwilliam. He has one child living, Harry A. Shirley. Wm. Henry Shirley died Feb. 3, 1892 at Winchendon, Mass.

Benjamin Thompson Holbrook and Betsey Shirley Holbrook had nine children viz;

            Mary Thompson Holbrook born in Swansey, N.H. Sept. 11, 1806.

            Martha S. Holbrook born in Swansey, N.H. June 15, 1808 died in infancy.

            Martha S. Holbrook born in Buffalo, N.Y. Jan. 31, 1811

            Benjamin T. Holbrook born in Hamburg, N.Y. June 18, 1813

            Betsey B. Holbrook born in Hamburg, N.Y. Dec. 7, 1815

            Sophia Maranda Holbrook born in Hamburg, N.Y. July 16, 1818 and died in infancy.

            Sophia Holbrook born Jan. 16, 1821

            John Shirley born in Hamburg Aug. 22, 1823

            Henry Warren born in Hamburg April 21, 1826

Benjamin Thompson Holbrook died at his home in Harmony Chaut. Co N.Y. Jan 15, 1872. Betsey Shirley Holbrook his wife died in Harmony N.Y. Dec. 8, 1868.

Page 14

Mary T. Holbrook married John Wilkins of Lyndeborough N.H. Mar. 17, 1821. Their children were –

            Mary born in Hamburg N.Y. Jul. 6, 1824 died Dec. 24, 1824

            Mary Thompson born in Hamburg, N.Y. Aug. 1, 1826

            Isme Carson born in Hamburg N.Y. Feb. 26, 1828

            Warren born in Harmony, N.Y. Aug. 14, 1829 died on Sept. 14, 1829

            Betsey Bogle born in Harmony, N.Y. Sept 3, 1830

            Mark                                            April 2, 1832

            Lucy                                             Nov. 27, 1833 died Nov. 27, 1835

            Charles born in Harmony, N.Y. Jan. 26, 1836

            Nancy Sophia born in Harmony, N.Y. Oct. 26, 1838

            Henry John                                    June 26, 1840

            Rhoda A.                                        May 30, 1844

Mary Holbrook Wilkins died Mar. 16, 1848. John Wilkins died May 26, 1866.

Mary T. Wilkins married to Jeremiah Smith June 29, 1858. Jeremiah P. Smith died Feb. 7, 1875. Jeremiah P. Smith b. 1819.

Mary T. Smith was again married April 15, 1880 to Obed G. Chase of Busti. He died in Busti Aug. 23, 1844.

Mary T. Chase died June 15, 1904.

Page 15

Isme C. Wilkins was married to Mark Gleason Aug. 10, 1851. Mark E. Gleason b. in 1829 died in Harmony N.Y. Aug. 8, 1872.

Isme C. Gleason was again married Nov. 20, 1873 to Hiram Marcy Esq. of Stedman N.Y. Hiram Marcy died Oct. 10th 1887. Isme C. Marcy died July 10th 1897.

Betsey B. Wilkins was married Nov.1, 1865 to Abraham Bennett of Millvillage, Erie Co., Pa. They have one child Ella Mary born in Millvillage Pa. Dec. 7, 1867. She was married Sept. 6, 1885 to Chas. B. Billings of Erie Co., Pa.

Abraham Bennett died May 28th 1889, aged over 90 yrs.

Ella Mary Bennett was again married Apr. 5, 1892 to Leonard N. Ormsbe of Mill Village, Erie Co., Pa.

Ella Bennett Ormsbe died Oct. 1, 1894.

Betsey B. Bennett died Feb. 11, 1901.

Page 16

Mark Wilkins married Maryette Blanchard Oct. 7, 1857. They had two children; Shirley Fremont, born in Bloomfield Craw Co., Pa April 14, 1862. Nellie Vinorah, born in Bloomfield, Craw Co., Pa. Nov. 22, 1867.

Shirley F. Wilkins married Hattie A. daughter of Wm. Richardson and Sarah (Richards) Richardson Oct. 21, 1883.

Nellie V. Wilkins died suddenly Feb. 12, 1879.

The children of Shirley F. & Hattie A. Wilkins are:

      Lizzie Belle Wilkins born Feb. 11, 1887

      Isme Corena                   Dec. 7, 1890

      Mary Ette Wilkins died Nov. 3rd 1887

      Burnice Luella Wilkins born Jan. 22, 1893

      Berdena Frances born Jan. 16, 1903

Mark Wilkins was again married to Suzanna P. Hume of Bloomfield, Crawford Co., Pa. March 1984. Mark Wilkins died Dec. 18, 1896.

Hattie (Richardson) Wilkins d. Jan. 1, 1936 Union City, Pa.

Shirley Fremont Wilkins d. Mar. 1, 1937 Johnstown, Pa.

Isme C. Wilkins was married to Carl Reynolds. m. 2nd Jan. 2, 1937, J. Archie Jones of Albany, N.Y.

To Page 63

Page 17

Charles Wilkins died Dec. 29, 1917 Bloomfield Twp., Craw Co., Pa. Charles Wilkins married Percy Lucinda Chapin, Mar.16, 1859. Their children are;

      John Ellsworth born Oct. 18, 1860 Bloomfield Pa. died July 28, 1936 Bloomfield, Pa.

      Carrie May born Sept. 6, 1862 Bloomfield, Pa.

John E. Wilkins married Corena Anna only daughter of John Kelley Sept. 24, 1884. Corena (Kelley) Wilkins d. Sept. 14, 1933 Bloomfield, Craw. Co., Pa. Their children are:

      Homer Holbrook Wilkins born Apr. 5, 1887

      Mildred Leora                        July 18, 1890

      Carrie Marion                         Feb. 11, 1892 d. Aug. 24, 1917 Bloomfield

      Clifton Charles                        July 21, 1893

      Edith Corena                           Nov. 25, 1895

      Helen Kelley                           May 30, 1900

      John Kenneth                          May 25, 1906

      Donald Dean                           Feb. 29, 1908

Carrie M. Wilkins was married June 23, 1886 to Rev. Lz, W. Mason, a Unitarian minister then settled at Union City, Pa. The children of Rev. and Mrs. Mason are:

      Charles Wilkins Mason, born, June 23rd 1888

      Joseph John                           Feb. 26, 1891

      Shirley Lowell                       July 4, 1893

      Eugenia Chapin                     Oct. 31, 1895

      Elizabeth Holbrook               March 23, 1901

Charles was born in Union City, Pa. Joseph in Brookfield, Mass. Elizabeth in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Marriages of Chas Wilkins grandchildren: To Page 53

Page 18

Nancy S. Wilkins married Norman Halladay Oct. 15, 1857. Their children are:

      Mary Amanda born Mar. 5, 1864. Ellery, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.

      Isme Lavinia born July 11, 1873. Ellery, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.

Norman Halladay died Jan. 29, 1876 at his home in Ellery, N.Y. Nancy S. Halladay was again married Mar. 6, 1879 to Wilson Camp of Ellery, N.Y.

Mary A. Halladay died Dec. 29, 1892 at her home in Ellery, Chaut. Co., N.Y.

Nancy S. Camp died Feb. 4, 1916

Wilson Camp died May 21, 1919

Lavinia I. Halladay was married to Merritt R. Sherman of Ellery, Chaut. Co., N.Y. Dec. 31, 1894. Their children are:

      Mary Halladay Sherman born Jan. 24, 1896

      William Harold Sherman born Aug. 11, 1897

      Harold Sherman Camp d. Feb. 22, 1935 Jamestown, N.Y.

Lavinia Halladay Sherman died Aug. 23. 1897 in Ellery, Chaut. Co., N.Y.

Mary H.S. Camp married to Fenton Van Riley Dec. 25, 1914

Page 19

Henry J. Wilkins married Jane E. Wellman Feb. 1, 1859. Their children are:

      Mary Elizabeth - born July 25, 1860. Bloomfield, Pa.

      Ira Henry – born Jan. 19, 1864. Bloomfield, Pa.

      Hattie Sophia – born Sept. 25, 1870. Bloomfield, Pa.

Henry Wilkins died at his home in Bloomfield, Pa. July 20, 1881

Mrs. Jane Wilkins, his widow, was again married Feb. 18, 1883 to George Washington Morton of Rockdale, Pa.

Mary E. Wilkins married Lafayette Larkins July 29, 1877. They had one child, Ira Duane born Aug. 31, 1879. Bloomfield, Pa.

Lafayette Larkins died in Bloomfield, Pa. Oct. 9, 1880

Mary E. Larkins was again married Sept. 3, 1882 to Greene Stevenson of Erie Co., Pa. They had a son Charles Stevenson born Jan. 5, 1886        

Nina Mary Stevenson born June 11, 1887

Leroy Stevenson born June 24, 1893

Mrs. Jane Morton died March 10, 1920

Greene Stevenson died May 12, 1899 at Union City, Pa.

Leroy Stevenson was married to Addie Wetmore of Corry, Pa. Aug. 20, 1913.

Ira D. Larkins was married March 9, 1898 to Cressie Prather of Mill Village, Pa. Their children are:

      ------ ------ born March 9, 1899

      Iva                    Nov. 7, 1901

      To Page 59

Page 20

Ira H. Wilkins married Minnie Bell second daughter of O.A. Chapin, Jan. 31, 1884. Ira H. Wilkins d. Sept. 14, 1932 Five Points, Erie Co., Pa. Their children are:

      Bessie Mabel born Aug. 17, 1885

      Eva Fern born July 7, 1889

      Anna Chapin born Aug. 17, 1898

      Annabel born Jan. 16, 1906

Anna Chapin Wilkins died Sept. 17, 1899

Minnie B. Wilkins died May 28, 1919

Hattie Wilkins was married to Wilbur Morton of Crawford Co. Penn. Feb. 28th 1888. Their children are:

      May Morton born Dec. 31, 1888

      Walter Morton born July 9, 1891

      David H. Morton born Oct. 12, 1893

      Mark Chas. Morton born July 27, 1896

Charles Mark Morton died Aug. 16, 1898.

Nina Stevenson married John Prather may 1903. Their children are:

      Vivian Elizabeth born Nov. 22, 1904

      Galbraith D. born Oct. 29, 1908

Henry Wilkins descendants: To Page 55

Page 21

Rhoda A. Wilkins married John W. Chapin July 5, 1866. Their children are:

      Edith Lavinia born June 29, 1869. Bloomfield, Pa.

      Jay Smith born Mar. 13, 1871. Bloomfield, Pa.

      Willie and Lillie born Jul. 13, 1874. Bloomfield, Pa.

      Willie Chapin died Sep. 15, 1874

      Lillie Chapin died Sep. 17, 1874

Edith Chapin married to Frank Warner of Crawford Co., Penn., Aug. 20th 1887. He died Nov. 20, 1937 Lyona, Pa. Their children:

      Mary Chapin Warner born February 7, 1900

Jay S. Chapin was married to Bertha Lown of Fluvanna, N.Y. July 28, 1897. Their children are:

      Edith Lown Chapin born Dec. 17, 1898

      John Shirley Chapin born Feb. 11, 1901

      Ruth Lucila Chapin born April 19, 1903

      Mabel Luella Chapin born Jan. 12, 1905, died Feb. 7, 1937 Fluvanna, N.Y.

      Lyle Wilson Chapin born Dec. 26, 1906

Lyle W. Chapin died Apr. 22, 1908

Rhoda A. Chapin died Aug. 21, 1916

Bertha L. Chapin died Nov. 4, 1917

John W. Chapin died Feb. 12, 1930

Jay S. Chapin died Nov. 19, 1940

To Page 49

Page 22

Martha S. Holbrook was married Jan. 1, 1832 to Venus Morley of Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N.Y. Venus Morley b. 1810 son of Obediah Morley. Their children were:

      Mathew and Martin Morley born April 10, 1835. Harmony, N.Y.

      Emily born Jan. 19, 1839. Harmony, N.Y.

      Betsey born Jul. 25, 1841. Harmony, N.Y.

      Martin V. born Oct. 7, 1848. Harmony, N.Y.

Venus Morley died Aug. 9, 1882 at his home in Harmony, Chaut. Co., N.Y.

Martha S. Morley died Aug. 17. 1875.

Matthew Morley died Jan. 23, 1865.

Betsey Morley died Sep. 29, 1841.

Emily Morley died June 23, 1864.

Martin Morley died Aug. 8, 1836

Matthew married Amanda Cook Feb. 23, 1860. He was a minister in the Baptist church. Mrs. Amanda Morley married for her  second husband David Stockton of Busti.

Martin V. Morley married Mrs. Lovisa Jackson Feb. 4, 1914. Martin V. Morley died Mch. 20, 1921.

Page 23

Martin V. Morley married Eliza Abraham Oct. 11, 1871. Their children are:

      Shirley Morley born Aug. 10, 1873. Harmony, N.Y.

      Martha Morley born Aug. 13, 1875. Harmony, N.Y.

      Inez I. Morley born Nov. 13, 1877. Harmony, N.Y.

      Minnie Morley born Dec. 27, 1879. Harmony, N.Y.

      Adazalia Morley born May 27, 1885. Harmony, N.Y.

      Harold Morley born Dec. 24, 1889. Harmony, N.Y.

Minnie Morley’s marriage Page 54

Eliza A. Morley died Apr. 17, 1907.

Shirley M. Morley died July 12, 1909

Martha M. Morley died Oct. 22, 1885

Inez Isme Morley died Nov. 30, 1885

Shirley Morley was married to Arletta Whitney Jan. 27, 1897. Their children are:

      Winifred Edna Morley born Nov. 7, 1897

      Helen Eliza Morley born May 4, 1902

      Arletta Dorothy Morley born July 10, 1907

Arletta Whitney Morley died Oct. 19, 1912.

Harold Morley was married Feb. 4, 1912 to Lottie Ellen Baker.

Page 64

Page 22

Page 24

Page 24

Benjamin T. Holbrook (Jr.) married Caroline Catlin. They had one child, Samuel Starr born Sept. 21, 1840. He grew to manhood, served in the Civil War, returned home to die from the effects of army life, Jan. 3, 1864. Member of Co. E. 9th N.Y. Cav. Mrs. Holbrook died Feb. 25, 1873, aged 73.

Benjamin T. Holbrook (Jr.) was again married to Mrs. Mathew Gifford nee Miss Rhoda Cook Aug. 31, 1873. Benjamin T. Holbrook (Jr.) died May 13, 1885, aged 71y 11 mo.

Rhoda Holbrook died June 13, 1910.

From Page 23:

Winifred Edna Morley died July 7, 1914.

Page 25

Betsey Bogle Holbrook married Jonathan Eddy in 1837. --- Sept. 1 ---

Their children were: Corrections (  ) made from record in bible of Betsy Eddy.

      Myron Eddy born July 12, 1838 (1837)

      Orvil Eddy born Jan. 6, 1840 (1839)

      Rufus W. Eddy born Dec. 19, 1841 (1839)

      Alonzo P. Eddy born Dec. 8, 1842 (1841)

      Martin V. Eddy born Dec. 26, 1844 (Dec. 24, 1843)

      John Shirley Eddy born Jul. 1, 1845

      Mary Eddy born Mar. 14, 1848 (Mar. 15, 1848)

      Martha M. Eddy born April 1850

      Lydia J. Eddy born Nov. 1, 1853

      Betsey A. Eddy born May 15, 1856

      Jonathan H. Eddy born May 9, 1858

Jonathan Eddy died Nov. 30, 1861 (Nov. 18, 1861)

Orvil Eddy died Feb. 1840

Martha Eddy died Feb. 1851

Martin V. our brave boy in blue fell at Cold Harbor June 6, 1864. Was with 162th New York Volunteers.

Lydia J. died in April 4, 1877

Betsey B. Eddy died Oct. 28th 1888. Panama, N.Y. She married second Rice. Separated.

Page 26

Myron Eddy married Ann Eliza Thomas Feb. 5, 1862. The following are their children:

      Elnora E. Eddy born July 9, 1863

      Minnie A. Eddy born Dec. 10, 1864

      DeWitt M. Eddy born Sept. 4, 1867

      Fred W. Eddy born Jul. 17, 1875. d. Aug. 5, 1938. Watts Flats, N.Y.

DeWitt M. Eddy died April 19, 1880

Minnie A. Eddy died May 27, 1880

Myron Eddy died Oct. 30, 1892

Fred W. Eddy’s marriage – Page 52

Elnora E. Eddy was married to E. Jerome Lloyd Aug. 25, 1886.

Carl Lloyd, eldest son of E. Jerome & Elnora Lloyd born Aug. 28, 1888.

Ray Lloyd, second son of E. J. and Elnora Lloyd born July 2nd 1890.

Ray Lloyd died 1893.

E. Jerome Lloyd died March 18, 1913.

Carl Lloyd was married Dec. 25, 1909 to Miss Bessie Smith. Their children are:

      Raymond Eddy, born Dec. 29, 1912

Page 27

Rufus Warren Eddy b. Dec. 19, 1839. Pa. while father was working in a shingle mill, married Mary Lucinda Button b. June 14, 1844 Chau. Co., N.Y. on Nov. 2, 1862. Harmony, N.Y. The following are their children:

      Susan Almira Eddy born June 14, 1864. N.Y. State

      Amelia Eddy born Jan. 6, 1867. Iowa

      Alice Kate Eddy born April 15, 1871. Iowa

      Edith E. Eddy born Nov. 17, 1877. Marshall, Mo.

      Osmond Button Eddy born Jan. 29, 1881. near Marshall, Mo.

      Rufus Levi Eddy born Dec. 3, 1886. near Marshall, Mo.

Removed to Iowa and from there to Saline Co., Mo.

Rufus W. Eddy died Jan. 29, 1910.

Hazel Taylor Eddy died Oct. 25, 1924. Cashmere, Wash.

Mary Button Eddy died Nov. 10, 1929.

Amelia Eddy died Aug. 10, 1867.

Alice Kate Eddy married John William Arni, Sept. 27, 1889.

Ruby Maude Arni born Sept. 25, 1890

Rufus Eddy Arni born June 4, 1892

Alice Kate Eddy Arni died dec. 28, 1893.

Susan Almira Eddy was married to Joseph William Erwin March 14, 1897.

Susan Eddy Erwin died April 3, 1897.

Joseph William Erwin d. Jan. 5, 1936. Marshall, Mo.

See Pages 67 and 73 and those following

Page 28

Alonzo P. Eddy married Matilda I. Powers Oct. 9, 1860. Their children were:

      Robert D. born Aug. 11, 1867. Harmony, N.Y.

      Ernest M. born Sept. 1, 1870. Harmony, N.Y. d. July 28, 1932

      Alonzo. P. Jr. born Aug. 7, 1876. Harmony, N.Y.

      Baby born May 7, 1878. Harmony, N.Y.

Matilda I. Eddy died May 13, 1875.

Alonzo P. Eddy, Jr. died Feb. 6, 1880.

Baby Eddy died in infancy.

Alonzo P. Eddy was again united in marriage Jan. 16, 1879 to Agnes P. Smith. The following are their children:

      Lydia May born Oct. 19, 1880. Harmony, N.Y.

      Mary Thompson born May 19, 1883. Harmony, N.Y.

      Grace Agnes born July 27, 1884. Mansfield, N.Y.

Grace Agnes Eddy died Nov. 1892

Alonzo P. Eddy died Oct. 23, 1894

Lydia May Eddy was married to Henry H. Danks Nov. 14, 1900. Lydia (Eddy) Danks d. Nov. 9, 1931. Their children are:

      Agnes Marian Danks, born Apr. 25, 1906

Page 29

Robert D. Eddy married Jannette Harvey at Otto, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y. June 30, 1891. He died Mar. 22, 1925.

Ernest Eddy married Vera Mandaville of Michigan Oct. 31, 1893.

Vera Mandaville Eddy died in Fredonia, N.Y. March 1898.

Ernest Eddy was again married to Alice Louise Putnam of Fredonia, N.Y. June 14, 1900. Their children are:

      Alvin Putnam Eddy at Fredonia, N.Y. 1901.

      Kenneth Julian Eddy born at Fredonia, N.Y. Jan. 21, 1903.

      Harriet Genevieve Eddy born at Fredonia, N.Y. Mch. 4, 1906.

      Jocelyn Rufus Eddy born in Fredonia, N.Y. Oct. 6, 1908.

      LeRoy Benton Eddy born July 6, 1910

Page 77

Harriet Genevieve died Feb. 15, 1912

Alice Louise Putnam Eddy d. Oct. 31, 1937

Mary T. Eddy was married to Edwin B. Manison at Sherman, N.Y. Oct. 11, 1906. Children:

      Joyce Evelyn born March 10, 1910.

      Charles Edwin Manison born Aug. 29, 1912

      Ruth Virginia Manison born Sept. 4, 1920

Joyce Evelyn Manison m. Leslie E. Crump Oct. 11, 1930. Divorced. m. Feb. 11, 1937 Howard Buck.

Page 30

J.S. Eddy’s grandchildren. Pages 56 & 57

John Shirley Eddy married Mercy Matilda Button Feb. 9, 1867. Mercy (Button) Eddy b. April 12, 1847 daughter of Lucius and Almira (Lamb) Button, and d. Feb. 15, 1931 Panama, N.Y. The following is the record of their family:

      Lucius B. born Feb. 18th 1869

      Albert L. born Jan. 16, 1871

      Joseph F. born Oct. 12, 1876

      Eugene R. born Apr. 3, 1878

      Martin C. born Mar. 7, 1881

      Almyra born Dec. 2, 1883

John Shirley Eddy died Feb. 22, 1921.

Albert L. Eddy died Dec. 1871.

Joseph F. Eddy died Jul. 1878.

Lucius B. Eddy married Eva Gates Dec., 1889.

Eugene R. Eddy d. Feb. 14, 1936 Redding, Calif.

Eugene Eddy married Grace Sherwood Feb. 1900.

      Doris Shirley Eddy born Jan. 6, 1904

Eugene Eddy again married Inez Eddy April 18, 1916

      May Beth b. Aug 1917

Martin C. Eddy married to Eugenia Swart Aug. 9, 1905 daughter of Rev. Clemence D. and Emily Roxanna (Card) Swart; born Sept. 3, 1882 at Niobe, N.Y. which was Grant Sta. Brokenstraw P.O.

Alma Eddy married to Wm. Town June 6, 1905

To Page 56

Page 31

Mary Eddy married Israel D. Carpenter b. Harmony Apr. 1840 son of Silas and Lydia Hoag Carpenter Oct.1, 1867. Their children are:

      Willie Carpenter born Jan. 12, 1869.

      Jonathan Eddy Carpenter born May 20, 1871.

      Otis Orlando Carpenter born April 7, 1876.

      Leora Belle Carpenter born July 19, 1887.

Willie Carpenter died Feb. 22, 1869.

Mary Eddy Carpenter died May 3, 1919.

Israel D. Carpenter d. Jamestown, N.Y., Sept. 30, 1937.

Otis O. Carpenter was married to Jessie Louise Smith, of Piffard, Livingston Co., N.Y. Feby. 22, 1899. Children:

      Lewis Otis born Sept. 12, 1903.

      Mary Lucile born Nov. 6, 1906.

Mary Lucile Carpenter m. Sept. 14, 1927 James R. Barrows of Fresno, Calif.

      Sylvia b. Dec. 28, 1931.

Page 32

Lydia J. Eddy married George Wellman Sept. 1871. Lydia J. Wellman died April 4, 1877.

From Page 31.

Leora Belle Carpenter married Dec. 24, 1914 to Harry E. Stewart. Children:

      Robert Harry Stewart born Dec. 30, 1917.

      Edna May born April 24, 1919.

      Ethel Amy born March 18, 1921.

      Ruth Violet born Jan. 21, 1924.

Edna May d. Nov. 28, 1925.

Page 33

Betsey Ann Eddy married Charles E. Houghton of Lynn, Mass. July 4, 1895. Separated.

Bessie A. Eddy Houghton died at Asheville, N.C. June 11, 1916. Taught at Watts Flats, N.Y.; Omaha, Neb. Was teaching Bible in S. Car. At time of her death. Also taught deaf mutes.

Page 34

Jonathan H. Eddy married Hattie Roe June 28, 1880. They were married in Rome, N.Y. by Rev. Dr. H.H. Peabody, a Baptist minister. Taught for years at Rome, N.Y.

Dora Eddy adopted by J.H. Eddy in 1889.

Dorothy Eddy was married to Fletcher Arnold Potter of Rome, N.Y. May 20, 1899..

Jonathan H. Eddy d. Nov. 18, 1923. Removed to Little Rock, Ark. To teach and became a minister in the Episcopalian Church.

Page 35 - Blank Page

Page 36

Sophia Holbrook married Chauncy Jackson Sept. 19th 1839. They had four children:

      Charles W. born April 3, 1842.

      Hattie R. born July 23, 1845.

      Sarah born May 16, 1853.

      John S. born Aug. 27, 1855.

Chauncy Jackson died April 13th 1878.

Sophia Jackson died Jan. 4, 1884.

Hattie R. Jackson died July 4th 1863.

Charles W. Jackson died Oct. 7th 1893.

Page 37

Charles W. Jackson married Melissa White May 7, 1879. They had three children:

      John G. born Aug. 27, 1884.

      Hattie R. born July 20, 1889.

      Cynthia Sophia born Oct. 7, 1891.

Melissa White Jackson b. 1856 d. Mar. 13, 1938; buried Baptist Cemetery, Harmony, N.Y.

Sarah Jackson married David Carr July 3, 1873.

Sarah Carr Jackson died Sept. 27, 1928.

John S. Jackson married Lovisa Alexander Feb. 22, 1881. No issue.

John S. Jackson died July 29, 1909.

John S. Jackson Married Bell Thorpe Aug. 9, 1903. Their children:

      Charles Henry born Feb. 15, 1904.

Charles H. Jackson died Aug. 1, 1920.

To Page 65

Page 38

John Shirley Holbrook b. Aug. 22, 1823 Hamburg, N.Y. Married Hannah Smith April 30, 1854.

Hannah Smith Holbrook died Oct. 27, 1889.

John Holbrook died Dec. 29, 1900.

Hannah G. Smith Holbrook b. May 17, 1824. Both bur. Open Meadows Cemetery, Harmony, Chau. Co., N.Y.

From Page 39

Lee Wilson was married to Edna Toner Sept. 6, 1916. Their children are:

      Ruth Alice Wilson born Jan. 3, 1921

      John Henry b. Aug. 6, 1924 d. June 17, 1936 Jamestown, N.Y.

Page 39

Henry Warren Holbrook married Lucy Wadham Gleason Dec. 11, 1853 at Open Meadows, daughter of Albert and Hannah (Catlin) Gleason; b. Aug. 16, 1831 in Open Meadows. The following are their children:

      Melville C. born Nov. 14, 1857. Harmony, N.Y.

      Corrina Edith born Dec. 26, 1862. Harmony, N.Y.

      John Jay born Mar. 26, 1876. Harmony, N.Y.

Henry Holbrook died May 6th 1900. Open Meadows.

Lucy W. Gleason Holbrook died Sept. 25, 1907. Open Meadows. Buried in O.M. Cem. (The following is transcribed from a newspaper clipping which was pinned to this page)

Lucy W. Holbrook.

ASHVILLE, Oct. 9.—Lucy W. Hol-

Brook, the widow of Henry Holbrook,

died on September 25th at the family

home at Open Meadows, aged 76 years.

she leaves three children, six grand-

children, one great grandchild, two

sisters and one brother. Her husband

died in 1900.


Melville C. Holbrook in Harmony Township married Addie A. daughter of John and Laura (Randall) Swezey of Harmony Feb. 19, 1879. Addie (Swezey) Holbrook b. Jan. 30, 1853. Harmony. D. May 26, 1913. Lakewood, N.Y. Their children are:

      Laura Alma Holbrook born Dec. 9, 1881. Open Meadows.

      Nettie Ida Holbrook born Dec. 20, 1888. Open Meadows.

      Richard Warren Holbrook born Jan. 8, 1891. Open Meadows.

      Floyd Mellville Holbrook born March 28, 1892. Open Meadows.

Addie A. Holbrook died May 26, 1913.

Melville C. Holbrook again married Aug. 6, 1914 to Mrs. Mary J. Dean of Lakewood.

Melville C. Holbrook died May 20, 1916.

Corrie E. Holbrook married John D. Wilson son of Jacob of Sottsville, Penn. Dec. 29th 1886. Open Meadows. Their children are:

      Lee Wilson, born Sept. 15, 1889. Open Meadows.

Page 38

Page 40

Laura Alma Holbrook was married in Colby, Kan. To Thomas William Hutchinson of Colby, Kansas Aug. 15, 1900. Thomas W. Hutchinson b. Mar. 4, 1879 Peru, Neb. Son of Wesley and Ida (Pennell) Hutchinson. D. Dec. 15, 1922 Gooding, Idaho. Their children are:

      Carl Wesley Hutchinson born July 27, 1901. Colby, Kansas. See pg. 72

      Leo Melville Hutchinson born May 20, 1908 at Colby, Kansas.

Laura Holbrook Hutchinson married to Luther D. Haskins Aug. 26, 1923. He was b. Sept. 27, 1884, Philadelphia, Tennessee, son of John and Polly Haskins.

Richard W. Holbrook was married to Edyth Cleo Brooks March 10, 1913. Divorced. He married Mrs. Elva Houghton Nov. 1925. m. 3rd Zella Hile Brown 1934.

John Jay Holbrook married Alma Louise Walburg daughter of Charles and Sarah (Neil) Walburg March 8, 1900. Alma (Walburg) Holbrook b. May 18, 1879 d. July 15, 1933. Children are:

      Bernice Louise born May 30, 1904. Ashville, N.Y.

Bernice Louise Holbrook m. Nov. 26, 1930 Paul Merwin.

Page 41

Nettie Ida Holbrook was married to Erie Woodard Crandall Jan. 14, 1914. Lakewood, N.Y. Erie W. Crandall is son of John and Jennie (Woodward) Crandall. Children:

      Harland Holbrook Crandall born June 27, 1915. Poland Twp. Chau. Co., N.Y. m. Aug 1, 1936 Goldie Feryl Liddicoat, dau. of Bruce Liddicoat.


Floyd Melville Holbrook was married to Elva McConnell of Hershey, Neb. March 4, 1916. They reside at Kimberly, Idaho. Res. 1936 North Platte, Neb. Children:

      Melville David Holbrook born August 11, 1916. North Platte, Neb. M. Dec. 24, 1935 Geraldine b. Mar. 29, 1917. Their children are

            Richard Melville b. Jan. 17, 1937

            Gale Leonard b. Mar. 22, 1938

Mrs. Mary J. Holbrook, widow of Melville C. Holbrook narried Sumner A. Smith May 1921. She died Dec. 3, 1935. Jamestown, N.Y.

Pages 42 through 48Blank, no entries.

Page 49

From Page 21

Edith L. Chapin married Trace P. Price Aug 28, 1918. Their children are:

      Fay Louise Price born Dec. 26, 1919

      Lyle Trace b. July 16, 1924

      Earl Chapin b. Jan. 3, 1926

John W. Chapin and Mrs. Millie Sykes were married Jan. 26, 1921.

John Shirley Chapin m. Sept. 2, 1936 Olean, N.Y. Marjorie Corstange.

Ruth Lucile Chapin was married to Lawrence A. Phillips son of Charles and Emma (Lown) Phillips of Ellicot Twp. June 9, 1923. Children: Phillips

      Roger Lawrence b. Aug. 18, 1925

      Carol Elaine b. Dec. 3, 1926

      Helen Chapin b. Aug. 24, 1931

Page 50

Continued from Page 7

            (3) Levi W. Pearse, third child of Dr. & Rhoda Pearse married Miss Sarah Heath. Their children were William and Frances. William died leaving one daughter who married S. Jones and in 1885 resides in Corry, Pa.

Frances married Henry Foster. They have three children. Their home is in Friendship.


            (7) Alonzo Pearse married Miss Teresa Colwell, Aug. 1841. They moved from Friendship to Ohio in 1842, from thence to Harmony, Chaut. Co., N.Y. in 1848, where they still resided in 1885.

They had one son Arthur C. Pearse born Jan. 22, 1843, who married Ruth A. Whitford Feb. 12, 1867. Their children were:

      Wilbur Channing Pearse

      Arthur Rexford Pearse

Levi Pearse died Dec. 1893

Richard Pearse died July 1894 aged 95

Alonzo Pearse died Jan 1904

Page 51

            (8) Lydia Pearse married Francis Graves. Her home is in Warsaw, N.Y.

            (9) Marilla Pearse married Rev. Nathaniel Hammond. They had two children William and Mary. William died young. Marilla and daughter in 1885 resided in Friendship, N.Y.

Marilla Hammond died Feb. 26, 1911.

Lydia Graves died Jan. 25, 1906.

Page 52

From Page 26

Fred W. Eddy was married to Miss Carrie Meade of Pittsfield, Pa. Oct. 17, 1901. Their children are:

      Dewitt M. born Sept. 14, 1902

      Caroline Lucile born Nov. 24, 1904

      Donald Lincoln born July 25, 1907

      Myron Filmore born Oct. 16, 1920

See Page 71

Mrs. Elnora Eddy Lloyd married Charles J. Hoag Sept. 11, 1919.

Charles J. Hoag d. Sept. 10, 1935.

Page 53

From Page 17

Mildred Wilkins was married Nov. 17, 1911 to David Henry of Union City, Pa.

Marion Wilkins was married Dec. 22, 1911 to Albert Brooks.

Homer H. Wilkins was married May 7, 1913 to Hazel H. Hinckley.

Clifton C. Wilkins was married Dec. 9, 1915 to Arline I. Wood of Union City, Pa.

Doris Arline, daughter of David & Mildred Wilkins Henry, born July 17, 1913.

Russell David born Aug. 23, 1916.

Joseph Max born Dec. 16, 1918.

Lawrence Roger born Oct. 1, 1925.

Charles Wilkins Mason was married Sept. 6, 1911 to Irma Windsor of Pittsburg. Children:

      Evelyn Louise born July 25, 1912

      Dorothy Brown born July 8, 1914

      Charles Windsor born Nov. 13, 1915 d. Feb. 13, 1932. Pgh., Pa.

L. Walter Mason died Jan. 1st 1929

Percy L. Wilkins died Feb. 14, 1914

Chas Wilkins died Dec. 29, 1917

Marian Wilkins Brooks died Aug. 24, 1917

Page 61

Page 54

From Page 23

Minnie Morley was married Sept. 28, 1904 to Martin Connelly, Res. Stow. Their children are:

      Kenneth Austin born Dec. 15, 1905.

      Leslie Herbert born Mch. 29, 1908.

      Clarence Morley born Nov. 4, 1916.

Leslie Herbert Connelly m. Dec. 1927 or Jan. 1928.

Page 55

From Page 20

Charles Stevenson was married Dec. 24, 1910 to Velma Davenport dau. of Silas and Eva (Brakeman) Davenport of Centerville, Pa. Their children are:

      Hazel Marie Stevenson born April 11, 1913. U. City

      Edith Mary b. Mar. 23, 1918. U. City d. Oct. 17, 1936. 79 N. Main St., Union City

      Thelma Louise b. Apr. 12, 1921. Union City

Roy Stevenson m. Adda Wetmore Aug. 20, 1913. One son. She d. May 21, 1926. He m. 2nd July 11, 1932, Corry, Pa., Miss Grace Gibbons.

Bessie M. Wilkins was married Mch 15, 1905 to Albert Smith. Their children are:

      Norma Lucile Smith born Aug. 3, 1906.

      Roger Ira Smith born July 30, 1909.

      Walton Edward Smith born Aug. 8, 1915.

(Tucked in the Record Book at this page is a newspaper clipping describing the marriage of Walton Edward Smith to Anne Forness as follows)



Miss Anne Forness of Salamanca

          Weds Walton E. Smith.

SALAMANCA. Nov. 27. --- Miss

Anne Forness, daughter of Mr. and

Mrs. Andrew J. Forness of 48

Broad Street, and Walton E. Smith

of Salamanca, civil engineer for

the Erie Railroad here and son of

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Smith of

Union City, Pa., were married at

10:30 o’clock this morning in the

First Methodist Church.

Rev. Sherman H. Epler offi-

ciated. Mrs. Howard Schrader of

Meadville was matron of honor

and bridesmaids were Misses

Grace Cowles, Rose Markart, Es-

ther Markart and Elizabeth

Brownell. Virginia Mong was

flower girl.

   Attending the bridegroom were

George Mong of Erie, his brother-

in-law, and Andrew J. Forness,

Jr., of Sharon, Rodney Smith and

Paul Taylor of Salamanca and

Roger Smith of Union City, Pa.

The bride was given in marriage

by her father.

   After December 11 Mr. and Mrs.

Smith will be at home at 60 Divis-

ion Street.


Hattie May Morley was married Dec. 30, 1905 to Laverne Smith. Their children are:

      Treva Olene born Sept. 24, 1906.

      Baby Lawrence Smith born Dec. 24, 1908.

      Owen W. Smith

Owen W. Smith died Nov. 13, 1929

Baby Lawrence Smith died Dec. 28, 1908

Additional records of Henry Wilkins descendants on Pages 58 and 69

Page 56

From Page 30

Lucius Eddy was married Nov. 6, 1905 to Bertha Sherwood. Their children are:

      Shirley born Dec. 7, 1905

      Nela born Nov. 3, 1906

      Ruth Olive born Apr. 27, 1908

Shirley son of Lucius and Bertha Sherwood Eddy m. Oct. 1923 Hazel Taylor. She died Oct. 25, 1924 Cashmere, Wash.

Eugene and Grace Sherwood Eddy’s children are:

      Doris Shirley Eddy born Jan. 6, 1904

      Ferol H. Eddy born Mch. 6, 1905

See Page 60

Ferol H. Eddy died July 1905.

Doris Shirley Eddy died July 1913.

Page 57

Martin C. and Eugenia Swart Eddy’s children are:

      Edith (Edyth) Emily Eddy born Nov. 18, 1906

      Dorothy May Eddy born June 5, 1909

      Martin Clements (Clemence) Eddy born May 12, 1913

      Robert Eugene Eddy born Oct. 19, 1920 (1919)

Edyth graduated from Fredonia Normal 1927

Dorothy graduated from Fredonia Normal 1928

William Towne of Walla Walla, Wash. M. June 6, 1905 at Panama, N.Y. Alma Eddy.

Wm. And Alma Eddy Towne’s children are:

      Allison Holbrook Towne born July 17, 1913

      Bruce Eddy Towne born Oct. 31, 1915

      Alma Marie Towne born Sept 1919

To Page 68

Page 58

From Page 55

Walter Morton, son of Wilbur and Hattie Wilkins Morton married to Elva Wheeling dau. of Henry and Betty (Kunz) Wheeling Nov. 26, 1912. Children:

      Edith May Morton born Jan. 11, 1914

      Paul LaVerne Morton born Dec. 2, 1915

      Willard David Morton born Sept. 12, 1918

      Leora Marie Morton born Nov. 22, 1919

Charles Walter b. Dec. 3, 1922

Luella Lavina b. Dec. 23, 1925

David Morton married to Marian King Sept. 1917. Children:

      William Delos Morton born Feb. 25, 1920.


      Evelyn Irene b. Feb. 14, 1936

Eva F. Wilkins married to Homer D. Johnson of Union City Apr. 2, 1914. Homer Johnson d. July 5, 1928. Eva Wilkins Johnson m. 2nd Aug. 8, 1932 Erie, Pa., Calvin C. Davis of Union City, Pa. Children:

      Grace Elizabeth born Jan. 10, 1915 m. July 2, 1934 Rutherford Porter son of Burchard and Anna (Anderson) Porter of Bloomfield Twp.

Homer D. Johnson died July 3, 1928.

                             To Page 69

Page 59

Mary Stevenson was again married to William Dunker, June 14, 1915. Mary Wilkins Dunker d. Aug. 1931.

Ira H. Wilkins again married Mrs. Ida Dick, Feb. 28, 1920. Ira H. Wilkins d. Sept. 14, 1932. Five Points, Erie Co., Pa.

Page 60

From Page 56

Eugene Eddy and Inez Eddy married April 16, 1916. Children:

      May Beth Eddy born Aug. 1917.

Page 61

From Page 53

Born to Clifton C. and Arline Wood Wilkins June 10, 1918 a son:

      Charles Wood Wilkins

      Dorothy Isabell Wilkins born Apr. 4, 1920

      Ruth Francis Wilkins born Feb. 19, 1923

      Margaret Marie Wilkins born Sept. 12, 1924

      Lois Corina Wilkins born Oct. 2, 1926

      Ellen Louise Wilkins born Aug 4, 1928

      Harold David Wilkins born March 17, 1930

      Robert Louis Wilkins born July 29, 1933

Edith C. Wilkins married Fred Benjamin King April 15, 1919. Their children are:

      Adra Amelia King born Apr. 13, 1920

      Avadeau Corena King born Jan. 2, 1922

      Fred Wilmer King born Mch. 23, 1924

      Rena Belle King born June 26, 1934

Fred B. King d. Feb. 21, 1937 Bloomfield, Pa.

Children of Homer H. & Hazel H. Wilkins:

      George Hinckley Wilkins, born July 5, 1919

      Page 62

Page 62

From Page 61

Eugenia C. Mason married Thomas W. Kennedy Aug. 3, 1918.

Joseph J. Mason died July 19, 1918.

Eugenia Mason Kennedy died Sept. 7, 1918.

Shirley L. Mason m. May 28, 1927 Mary Van Horne Harper Ames, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Elizabeth Holbrook Mason m. Oct. 2, 1926 Stanley Howe Richards of Wollaston, Mass.

To Page 70

Helen Wilkins married Leon Hamilton Jan. 15, 1917. Their children are:

      Richard Sheridan Hamilton born Aug 13, 1917.

      Marjorie Elaine Hamilton born Jan. 30, 1921.

Richard Sheridan Hamilton d. Apr. 4, 1931.

John Kenneth Wilkins m. Ruth Langhery June 1, 1926. Children are:

      Maryon Elizabeth Wilkins born May 26, 1928

      Richard LeRoy Wilkins born Nov. 16, 1937

Page 63

From Page 16

Elizabeth B. Wilkins and Harry Spencer were married Oct. 29, 1921.

Bernice Louella Wilkins dau. of Shirley F. and Hattie Richardson Wilkins m. June 22, 1927 Ralph E. Hatch.

Berdena F. Wilkins and Harold Lynn Dick were married May 29, 1924.

      Marilynn Elaine Dick b. May 4, 1925.

Page 64

From Page 23

Born to Harold and Lottie Baker Morley a daughter Virginia Iris Morley – Feb. 28, 1921.

Virginia Iris Morley m. Jan.3, 1938 Ernest Fardink. Children:

      Norman Laverne Fardink b. May 10, 1938.

Azalia Morley m. Rupert Turner of Cassadaga, N.Y. May 8, 1924.

Arthur Bock d. Mar. 1, 1935.

Page 65

From Page 37

Hattie R. Jackson m. Clifford R. Brown of Blockville, N.Y., son of Hudson and Eva Rhodes Brown, July 9, 1925. Children: Brown

      Albert Jackson b. June 19, 1926.

      Charles Hudson b. Sept. 30, 1927.

      Milton Clifford b. June 15, 1930.

      Alexander Harold b. Dec. 16, 1932.

Page 66

Treva dau. of Vernon and May Morton Smith m. Nov. 24, 1926 Wayne C. Cowden son of Robert and Hattie (Hammond) Cowden of Rich Twp. Divorced. Children:

      Betty Cowden

Edythe Mae Morton, dau. of Walter and Elva (Wheeling) Morton, b. Jan. 11, 1914 m. Townville, Pa. June 25, 1938 Orlo Raymond Crecraft.

Page 67

Neta Eddy m. Joseph Crowe of Cashmere Wash. Sept. 1925. Children: Crowe

      Michael b. Aug. 1927

Ruth Eddy m. Elwin West April 26, 1926 Cashmere, Wash.

      Infant son b. Mar. 1927 d. Mar. 1927

      Peggy Joyce b. Feb. 1928

Rufus Levi (called Lee) Eddy m. Margaret Agnew Adams Feb. 10, 1909. Res. Saline Co., Mo.

      John Rufus b. Jan. 3, 1910

      Robert Lee b. Sept. 25, 1911

      Charles Richard b. Mar. 8, 1913

      Clyde Holbrook b. Feb. 22, 1915

      Margaret Bess b. June 8, 1921

      James Earnest b. Apr. 11, 1925

Rufus Eddy Arni m. Flora May Barnes Apr. 16, 1922. Res. Saline Co., Missouri

      Rufus Eddy, Jr. b. May 1, 1924

      William Lee b. Feb. 10, 1926

      Dora Alice b. June 1, 1927

      Marion Osmond b. Feb. 22, 1929

      Matthew Lee b. Dec. 24, 1932

      Martin Carroll b. July 25, 1936

Page 68

From Page 57

Edyth E. Eddy (daughter of Martin & Eugenia Eddy) was married March 30, 1929 to Ward G. White of Frewsburg, NY son of Benjamin and Leafy (Burch) White, born Aug. 12, 1901 Frewsburg, N.Y. Children:

      Quentin Roger White born May 20, 1930

      Ward Clemence b. Dec. 20, 1931

      Reginald John b. June 14, 1934

      Benjamin Martin b. May 19, 1936

Page 69

From Page 58

Norma L. Smith was married Dec. 22, 1928 to George B. Mong of Erie, Pa. Children:

      Robert Charles Mong born – Jan. 18, 1930

      Virginia Lucile b. Apr. 4, 1934

Anna Belle Wilkins, dau. of Ira and Minnie (Chapin) Wilkins m. Rexford Le Baron, Nov. 25, 1931.

      Richard Milton b. Nov. 26, 1933

Roger Ira Smith, son of Albert and Bessie (Wilkins) Smith, b. July 30, 1909 Bloomfield, Pa. m. Springboro, Pa. May 11, 1937 Ruth Reynolds, dau. of Alva and ______ (Allen) Reynolds. Children: Smith

      Alberta Joy b. April 14, 1938

Page 70

From Page 62

Children of Shirley L. & Mary Ames Mason:

      Eugenia Chapin Mason born Oct. 16, 1928 Pgb.

      William Van Horne Mason b. Jan. 8, 1930

Eugenia Chapin Mason d. May 22, 1934, Bethlehem, Pa.

Shirley Lowell Mason graduated Harvard College 1915 Scientific Entomologist, U.S. Gov. 1916/17. Lieut. In Aviation 1917/18. M.S. degree from University of Pgh. 1919.

Children of Elizabeth Mason & Stanley Richards:

      Stanley Howe Richards, Jr. b. Dec. 7, 1928

      Caroline Porter b. Dec. 20, 1937

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Dewitt M. Eddy, son of Fred W. and Carrie (Meade) Eddy m. June 29, 1929 Freda Russell of Sherman, N.Y.

      Janet Carol b. Jan. 19, 1934 Clymer, N.Y.

      S                 b. June 25, 1935

Donald Lincoln Eddy, son of Fred W. and Carrie (Meade) Eddy m. Pittsburgh, Pa. June 18, 1935 Arvilla H. Wade.

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Leo Melville Hutchinson son of Thomas and Laura (Holbrook) Hutchinson m. Mar. 29, 1931 Gooding, Idaho Imogene Louise Strayer b. Mar. 14, 1911 Shickley, Neb.

      Sharon Gene b. Apr. 9, 1932 Gooding, Idaho

Carl Wesley Hutchinson b. July 27, 1901, Colby Kan., s. of Thomas William and Laura (Holbrook) Hutchinson, m. Nov. 23, 1927, Glendale, Calif., Ina Mae Carter, b. Sept. 24, 1903 at Raton, New Mexico.

They adopted a Hutchinson relative, Bobby Gene, b. Mar. 1, 1934, Boise, Idaho.

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Asmond Button Eddy, son of Rufus Warren and Mary Lucinda (Button) Eddy, b. Jan. 29, 1881 m. Feb. 24, 1907 Lina Harris. Res. Saline Co., Missouri. Children: Eddy

      Mary Edith b. Apr. 4, 1909

      Paul Myron b. July 12, 1912

      Ruby Josephine b. Nov. 11, 1913

      Ray William b. June 8, 1915

      Minnie Pearl b. July 31, 1917

      Doris Lee (boy) b. Jan. 22, 1920

      Evan Max b. Oct. 21, 1921

Mary Edith Eddy, dau. of Asmond Button and Lina (Harris) Eddy, b. Apr. 4, 1909; m. Aug. 20, 1927 Robert Ham Thomas. Res. Saline Co., Mo. Children: Thomas

      Mary Frances b. Mar. 1, 1929

      Max Eddy b. Apr. 1934

      Robert Lemual b. Feb. 21, 1931

      Martha Lorene b. Jan. 5, 1937


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Paul Myron Eddy son of Asmond Button and Lina (Harris) Eddy, b. July 12, 1912; m. Apr. 29, 1936 Grace Kochs (pronounced Cox). Children: Eddy

      Wallace Wayne b. Jan. 27, 1937

Minnie Pearl Eddy, dau. of Asmond Button and Lina (Harris) Eddy, b. July 31, 1917 m. May 8, 1933 Lynn Meadors. Children: Meadors

      Leonard Dale b. May 27, 1934

      Carolyn Elizabeth b. Jan. 9, 1936

John Rufus Eddy, son of Rufus Levi and Margaret (Adams) Eddy, b. Jan. 3, 1910; m. June 22, 1935 or 36 Ruth Scarborough (pro. Scarbro). Res. Columbia, Mo.

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Ruby Maude Arni daughter of John William and Alice Kate (Eddy) Arni, b. Sept. 25, 1890. m. Sept. 27, 1915 James Oliver Bales. Res. Saline, Co., Mo. Children: Bales

      Joseph William b. and d. Nov. 2, 1916

      Rufus Oliver b. Dec. 21, 1917

      John William b. Apr. 14, 1921

      Elmer Lee b. Sept. 5, 1925

      Evelyn b. Dec. 13, 1927

      Wilber b. July 3, 1931

      Bulah May b. Mar. 10, 1934

Ruby Josephine Eddy dau. of Asmond Button and Lina (Harris) Eddy, b. Nov.11, 1913. m. June 5, 1937 Eldon Bridges.

Robert Lee Eddy, son of Rufus Levi and Margaret Agnew (Adams) Eddy, b. Sept. 25, 1911 m. June 9, 1937 Mildred Heilman.

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Kenneth Julian Eddy, son of Earnest and Alice Louise (Putnam) Eddy, b. Jan. 21, 1903 m. Olive. Children: Eddy

      Dau. b. June 1934

      Alan b. July 2, 1938

Josselyn Rufus Eddy, son of Earnest and Alice Louise (Putnam) Eddy, b. Oct. 6, 1908 m. at Cathedral of All Saints, Albany, N.Y., Aug. 29, 1936, Gladys Viola Leighton of Groton, Conn.

LeRoy Benton Eddy, son of Earnest and Alice Louise (Putnam) Eddy, b. July 6, 1910 m. Houston, Texas, Dec. 26, 1936, Mildred Naylor of Jennings, La.