estate transactions, other than the land grants, we find William Reed purchased a house and land of Zachary Bicknell for V 13s. 4d. in 1636. This purchase was the site formerly owned by the late James H. Clapp on the Central Trail, opposite the northerly termination of what is now Charles Street. Among the prominent residents at that period along the Plymouth and Duxbury Trail from East Weymouth at the junction of the Central Trail around and near King Oak Hill were Zachary Bicknell, Philip Reed, Richard Porter, Thomas Dyer and Stephen French, whose name is found on so many of the early sealed documents, From these different points and connections in the northerly part of the town, the settlements extended southerly, on the Pleasant Street, Central and Bay Trails, the entire length of Weymouth, and also into Abington. Fvidences exist of the settlements on the Central Trail, near the Abington line, between the New Bedford Turnpike and Union Street; also east of Union Street, on the trail leading from the Central to Accord Pond, both now entirely abandoned.

At the time of the establishment of the Second Church in the South Precinct, 1723, it was decided to erect the church on the Central Trail, on the site now occupied by Josiah Martin, Esq., and a cemetery was commenced and connected with it, used for a while, afterwards abandoned. It was afterwards changed to its present site on what is now Columbian Square. It was at this period that the streets which now center near the church or Columbian Square were opened. From a point on the Central Trail, near the house of the late John S. Cobb, Pleasant Street was extended to the church or Columbian Square. AL another point on the Central Trail, about half a mile south of the village, at the sharp curve in Union Street, this trail was turned to center at the church or square, Meeting House Lane (now Columbian Street) and also that portion of Pleasant Street extending from Independence Square to Columbian Square were at this time opened, all centering at the church or square from four different points. On the Bay Trail, which was the most important one in all New England, the settlements and clearances were on a magnitude far surpassing all others; tracts of land of nearly one hundred acres were walled and fenced, and cattle lanes were laid out with substantial walls. The lowlands were ditched, cutting heavy crops of grass, where now can be found cedar of more than a century's growth. One farm alone along this trail had an area of six hundred acres in the early part of the eighteenth century. According to the early sealed documents the price of land along this trail at that period exceeded that of some of the cultivated land of the village at the present time. From this Bay Trail, connection existed with the Braintree ponds, direct from Weymouth Great Pond to Cranberry Pond, and along by the old mill sites now abandoned.' Tradition says, and without any doubt, the last Indian in Weymouth lived and died on this trail. Connection no doubt existed throughout the towns northerly of Weymouth through these old trails.



I le %N ho undertakes writing up the history of the roads of a town, especially when the history of these roads covers a period of nearlv or quite three hundred years, and the several roads have in many instances been produced under adverse circurnstaric" with little or no record of their locality, and for generations stood without defined bounds or lines of demarcation, while others of later date have all t lie merit of high art in road building, has no ligh t task. Such was III(, story of Weymouth road-, when the writer began this task on April 30, 1920, with the food hope of producing a complete history of t lie roads of "the town in which we live."

The white man who came here in 1622 and 1623 to make for himself and family a home, found waiting for him hills, vallevs and broad fields of land capable of high cultivation and produciion of immense crops. He found great forests of oak, pine, maple, cechir, birch and other woods adapted to all building and domestic uses. Ile found lakes and ponds from which flowed rivers with water power of no mean capacity only waiting for the water wheels of industry, and above all, he found4bat for which he came, - "freedom to worship God;" but some of the most needed things were not there, viz., the church, the school, and the road.

~%e say roads were not there, and yet well defined on the terrilory from the southern bounds to the ocean line was the basis of :he~ roads of Weymouth, viz., several well-worn ladian trails. The rails showed the difficulty under which they were made. The Indian had no means by which to remove boulders and rocks or to level the hills, and for these reasons he did the next best thing and that was to go around the obstacle. The white man took up these trails, and from them came all the main roads from north to south in the town.

Little by little roads grew, but all the while with no names, and, in many instances, no definite knowledge of where certain roads began or ended. There were even some isolated homes far from any main road on some lane with a sign at its end, "Put up the bars when you go out-" The town began to see the necessity of something more definite in road matters, and in 1837 a committee was appointed to systematize conditions by fixing the limits and naming every road in town.



The street leading from the Braintree line, near Ezra Loud's and running by Dr. Timothy Gordon's to the Hingham line, shall be called Commercial Street.

The street now being built leading from Washington Street, near Capt. Elbridg~ Tirrell's, to Commercial Street, near the store of


Silas Canterbury & Co. (now Jackson Square), shall be called Broad Street (now extends to Commercial Square).

The street leading from the seashore, near Weymouth Great Hill and over Burying Hill to Commercial Street near the foot of King Oak Hill, shall be called North Street.

The street leading from the seashore, near Edward Blanchard's to North Street near James Thomas', shall be called Sea Street.

The street leading from North Street, near the former residence of Samuel Humphrey, now deceased, sliall be called Neck Street (this street now crosses Bridge Street and extends to the sea).

The turnpike leading from Ferry Point bridge to Back River bridge shall be called Bridge Street.

The street leading from the residence of James Lovell, Esq., deceased, by Asa Pratt's, near the North Meeting-House, shall be called Green Street.

The street leading from Stepping Stone bridge to the end shall be called Phillips Street (this street now extends to Sea Street and has been named Pearl Street).

The street leading from North Street by the North MeetingHouse to Commercial Street shall be called Church Street.

The street leading from North Street, near Rev. John C. Phillips' , by Abner Pratt's to Commercial Street, near Samuel Healey" blacksmith shop, shall be called East Street.

The lane leading from Commercial Street, near the residence of Bela Vining, to Fast Street, near Sylvia Loud's, shall be called Loud's Lane (now Union Avenue).

The street leading from East Street to Back River shall be called Wharf Street.

The lane leading from Commercial Street, near Samuel Healey's blacksmith shop, to Broad Street shall be called Drury Lane (now Madison Street).

The street leading from Commercial Street, near Jacob Lovell's, by Capt. Joseph Pratt's to the Hingham line, shall be called High Street.

The street leading from Commercial Street, near Stephen French's on the east side of Herring River bridge, shall be called Water Strcct.

The street lead;n.- f-cm Commercial Street, near the store of Silas Canterbury & Co. Uackson Square), to James Humphrey's and John Dyer's to Main Street, near the store of Capt. James Tirrell, shall be called Pleasaht Street.

The street leading from Commercial Street, Dear EInathan Bates's, by Jacob Tirrell's to Main Street, near Leonard Tirrell's, shall be called Middle Street.

The street leading from Commercial Street, Dear Ancil Pratt's, by John Di?er's to Middle Street, near the residence of Jacob Humphrey, deceased, shall be called Essex Street.

The street leading from Commercial Street, near Josiah White's to the Tide Mill, shall be called Mill Street (later abandoned).

The street leading from Commercial Street, near the store of

Tufts & Whittemore on the Queen Ann Turnpike, to the Hingham line shall be called Washington Street.

The street leading from Commercial Street, near the store of Tufts 8: Whittemore, by Zebul(n Nash's to Main Street, near Robert Cushing's, shall be called Front Street.

The street leading from Washington Street, near David Richard's on the New Bedford Turnpike, to the Abington line shall be called Main Street.

The lane leading from Washington Street to Front Street, near tire residence of Dea. Ebenezer Hunt, deceased, shall be called I In nt Street.

The lane leading from Washington Street to Phillip Torrey's ,hall be called Torrey Lane.

Tire street leading from Front Str~et by Zechariah Bates' to the Braintree line shall be called Summer Street.

The street leading from Front Street, near Thomas Nash's to Summer Street near Dea. John Vining's, shall be called West Street.

The street leading from Br1intree line by Benjamin Tirrell's to Randolph Street shall be called Back Street (now Forest Street).

, rhe street leading from Front Street, near Widow Bates' to Axashington Street near Josiah Tirrell's, sliall be called Winter Street.

The street leading from Main Street, near Maj. Samuel Bailey's to Pleasant Street near Josiah Torrey's, shall be called Cross Street (now Park Avenue, and extends to the main entrance of the Fair Grounds).

The street leading from Main Street, near Lieut. Daniel Loud's lo the Abington line by Poole's Tavern, shall be called Pond Street.

The street leading from Pond Street, near Capt. John Vinbon'~ to th 1, Randolph line and by Vinson's Mill, shall be called Randolph Street.

The street leading from Pond Street near David Shaw's to the Abington line shall be called Thicket Street.

The street leading from Main Street, near Daniel Blanchard's to Pleasant Street near the residence of Noah Torrey, Esq., shalt be Called Columbian StreeL 'know extends to the Brain'tree line.).

, rhe street leading from Pleasant Street, near tire residence of Noah Tnrrey, Esq., by the schoolhouse in the Seventh School Disrict, to the Abington line shall be called Union Street.

The street leading from Pleasant Street, near the schoolhouse in lie Siuth School District, by Dea. Hezekiali Stoddard's to the Hingham line near Randall Thayer's, shall be called Pine Street.

, I'he lane leading from Pine Street by Noali Vining's sliall be (Aled Vining Lane (now Oak Street).

The lane from Pine Street near Robert Richard's to
Pleasant Street shall be called Shaw's Lane (now Elm Street).

The street leading across the southwest corner of the town from the Randolph line to the Abington line shall be called Ann Street.


"Good Roads" is a term which can hardly be used in the early history of Weymouth, and as to that matter, there are but few towns of three hundred years ago of which this cannot be said.

Weymouth roads came to the front under many adverse conditions. For many years the town lived under the old school district system, - a svstem which made each district a little monarchy of its own. The district raised money, built its own schoolhouses and hired its own teachers. At its head was the prudential school committee man elected annually. In addition, however, there was elected by the town a so-called high committee which had a general supervision of all the schools in the town.

What was true of schools was also true of roads. The district raised road money and elected a highway surveyor who was personally in charge of the expenditure of this money and a supervisor of all roads in his district. The town at the same time raised money for general repairs of roads and bridges which was expended under the directioi~ of the selectmen. There were difficulties in this arrangement owing to a lack of harmony between the highway surveyors of the different districts, and many were the conflicts between Mr. Selectman and Mr. Surveyor.

This difficulty continued until 1870 when all acts of the Legislature abolishing school districts in towns of over five thousand inhabitants became operative, and there were no longer school districts, neither were there highway districts nor highway surveyors. This was a beginning of a new era in the road history of Weymouth. "Good roads" became the cry of the Nation, the State and every city and town, and Weymouth was not slow in its response.

March meetings and specially called town meetings have appropriated liberally when the call for money for roads has been made, and the half century has seen more than a half million dollars voted for roads, with the result that old crooked roads have been straightened and rebuilt, and new roads have come to the front in all parts of the town to make good the demand for roads for heavy work. The 80 miles of good solid roads which now extend over 11,200 acres of territory are features of our growth, and justify the time and money spent.

From the year 1837, when the town fixed the limit of the several roads and gave them names, up to 1920 nearly every new cad in town was for the dev~lcdwneut of land for local improvement, in the way of building for homes or for industrial purposes.

Adams place, born 497 Main (S. W.). Alpine Road, from Westminster Road (I,. W.). Ashment, from 75 Hill to Hingham line. Aspinwall Avenue, off Evans Road (N. NY.). Athens, from 21 Sea to 367 Bridge (N. W~)~ Babcock Road, from King's Cove to Bay \ iew (N. W.). Baker Avenue, f,ma 15 Richmond to Bryant. Baker', Cotner, Washington and Hunt.

nar0ett, from 224 Bridge near Bav View to 56 Bay View (N. W,). B.,rtl,tt', Garden, off Union, nem- Rockland line.
A,entre, from 81 Union to Central (S. W.). ii.1%. \ i ,s, from 188 Bridge to 186 Sea. a cley Pla(e, from 477 Main (S. W.).
;aI front 9 Pearl, near North (N. W.)_
ick;,ell Avenue, from 57 Grant (E. W.).
Ili: lk~ell Square, intersection Bridge and Sea (N. XV~). li -k cll Road, from 85 Bay View to 46 Holbrook Road.
Birch Brow Avenue, front 16 Bartlett to 16 Sachem (N. W.). Bir, It Cliffe Road, from Alpine Road to Cross (E, W.). Birch Path, off Westminster Road (F. W.). Birches (the), off Washington, near Whitman's Point (E_ XV~). BlUff Road, from 125 Bridge to 53 Monatiquot. Bradley Road from Lovell Street to the Park on Weymouth (,real Hill. Brewster Road from 340 Ramblers Way to Fore River. Il,ridge, front Quinvy fine to Hingham line (N. W.).
road, front 112 Front and Summer to Commercial Square. IIryant Avenue, from Baker to Washington.
urton Terrace from 51 Columbian (S, W.).
("am Avenue, from 605 Broad to 60 Chard (F. W.).
( anterbury, from 1025 Pleasant to Hingham fine.
Carroll, off 93 Middl,4(E. W.).
Cedar, from 55 High 14 Fairmount Cemetery (r. W.),
Cedar Park, off Union, at Rockland line.
Center from 540 Broad to 137 Middle (E. W.).
Central. from 23 Pleasant to Z89 Union (S. W.).
Central Avenue, from Curtis to Central.
Central Square, intersection of Broad and Middle (E. W.),
( -handier Lane, front 314 Commercial.
Chard, from 30 Putnarn to 35 Hillside Avenue (E. W.).
Charles, from 249 Middle to Lake (E. W.).
(liurch, from 378 Commercial, near Essex to depot (W. I 1~).
City Park, off Union, near Rockland line.
( - lapp Avenue, from 161 Broad, beyond Vine.
Columbian, from Columbian Square (S. W.) to Braintree line.
Commercial, from Washington Square via W.-H. to I lingham line.
Commercial Square, Commercial, Broad and High (E. W.).
Common, from 249 Washington to 16 Stetson.
Congress, from 371 Washington to 274 Front.
Cottage, from 718 Broad to 815 Commercial (F. W.).
( ottage Park, off Union, near Rockland line.
Cowing Avenue, from Putnam, corner Chard to Cain Avenue (F. W.).
Crag Road, from 350 Commercial to the bay.
Cross, from Birchciiffe Road across Westminster Road (I,. W.).
Crescent Road, from 56 Sea to 36 Pearl (N. W.).
Curtis Avenue, from 99 Pleasant to Central (S. W~).
Curtis, from 154 Noe,!. L 74 Neck (N. W.).
Delory Avenue, from Hawthorne Road (N. W.).
Depot Square, junction Pond, Hollis and Derby (S. W.).
Derby, from Depot Square to 773 Main (S. W.).
Drew's Avenue, from 745 Commercial (E. W.).
East, from 780 Commercial to North (N. W.).
Elot, fro., pleasant to Pine (S. NY.).
I Mott, from 69 Front to Braintree line.
I-Als Avenue, from 171 Main to Front (S. W.).
Elul Avenue, from 32 Common,
Fhawood Park, from 55 Front to Braintree line.
I'Anerso., from 340 East.
Eslex, from a~ Commercizil corner of North to Middle, opposite Lake.
E, ans Avenue, front end of Saunders to Morrill.

E a Road, from 143 Bridge to Ramblers Way (N. AN'.).
Fairmount Avenue from 645 Broad (L. w).
Farm, from opposii, 500 Union (S. W).
a I bington.
Federal, fror Smorner to 441 N~,7as
Field's Avenue ' now called I off Common."
Filtrates, from Broad to Madiron (E , W.).
Fogg Road, from 10 Columbian to 593 Alain (S. W
Ford's Beach, from Notth to W,ssagusset Road.
Fore River ' riv,.uc, from Sea to Sachem (N. W.).
Forest, from 247 Randolph to 371 Colombian.
Forest Park ' off Union near Rockland line.
Foyc Avenue, from 149 Broad.
Francis Road, from Gilbert Road (K W
Franklin, from 104 Front to Broad.
Front, frorn Washington Square to Alain (S. AV.).
Gardner place, from 893 Commercial (E. W.).
Garfield, front 35 Summer.
Garfield Square, 64 Front corner Summer Street and Walnut Avenue.
Gilbert Road Iran, 33 Middle (E. W.).
Glendale Ro,'d, from Rambler% Way to Fore River (N. W-Y
Glen Road, iocr~ Lake Sl re Drive (F. W.).
Grand View Road front 64 WcsSag111et to 10 Grand View Avenue.
Granite, from sut~nlit to prospect.
(;rant, from 1094 Commercial to High (E. 'A'
Grass Hill Place off Pleasant, Lovell's Corner (F. W.).
Green, front Ne~k (N. W.) to the W- H depot.
Greenvale Avenue ' from Essex near Lake (E. W.).
Grove, from 8 Myrtle to Raymond (E. W
Groveland Park, off Union.
Harrison Square, junction of Front, Hunt and Stetson.
u lint Avenue) off 32 Common.
Hart Aven e (also known as F
Hawthorn, from 55 High across Cedar to Myrtle (E. W.).
Henderson from 35 Alain to Rocky Dell Avenue.
High, fron; Commercial square to Hingham line (E. W.).
High Street Place, off 14 High.
Highland Place, off 268 Main (S. W.).
Hill, from Commercial to Hingham line (E. W.)
Flillcrest Road, from 672 Broad to Whitman (E. W.L
Hillside A v from Middle to Chard (E. W.).
Hingham Av,,~el off Union (S. W-)
Hohomack Road, from Vw'e,,ag,,,et (N. W.).
I lolbrook Road, from Ba~, 'View to Fore River Avenue.
Hollis, from Pond, near t ic depot to Randolph (S. kV.).
Howard, f mr, 23 Shaw to 16 Curtis (N. W.).
Humphrey from 91 Charles (E. W.).
Humt A,~ruc from 128 Central, near Recd Avenue (S. IV.).
Hunt, front 2A7 Washington to Front, corner of Stetson.
Hunts Lane ' from 239 Broad.
Hunts Hill vi,inity of Sachem (N. W.)
Independen,, Squ~rc, corner Main, Pond and Pleasant (S. Nv-)
Intvrvalt --ad from Glenwood to Lake Shore Drive (E. W.).
'Pleasant to IVIntru ' - W
Iron Hill, from an s Pond 0,
Island View Road, off Washington (The Birches).
Jackson squarc~ corner Broad, Commercial and Pleasant.
Johnson Read, from 221 Bridge (N. XV.).
Keith, front Coromer~ ial, at near Webb Park, 1. Richmond.
Kensin gton Road, from 298 Washington.
King Avenue, off Washington, near opposite Congress.
King's Cove, from King'~, C love Road (N. IV )
Ki ng', Cove Road, front 1311 Bridge (N. AV.). westerly.
King (ak Terrace, from 511 Commercial (W. 11.),

,,k,, from Pleasant to Middle, opposite Essex (E. W.).
K, ( r,st. from 777 Pleasant (E. W.).
L,kc Shore Drive, front 483 Middle (E. W.).
Lake Street Place, from 15 Lake to Lake.
[.~:k,side ANcime, from Lake to Iron Hill.
I . kewood Grove, off 1090 Pleasant (E. W.).
Lakewood Road, front 137 Pond (S. W.).
Laurel, from 1.5 Cain Avenue to Maple.
L,dge Hill Road, from Commercial at depot to Keith.
L,onard Road, from 166 Sea to Bay View (N. W.).
.iberty Square (Nash's Corner), junction Alain, Front and West (S. XV.).
incoln, front 103 North to Neck (N- W.).
Lincoln Square, intersection of Washington and Broad
Lindale Avenue, off Lovell (N. W.).
[Arden Avenue, from 1039 Pleasani (F. W.).
Linden Place, from 15 Cain Avenue (E. W.).
Lochmere Avenue, from Delorey Avenue to Ramblers Way (N. W.).
Lend's Avenue, from 296 Washington opposite Hum.
Lovell, from 440 Bridge to Neck (N. W.).
LoNell Court, from 60 Lovell (N. W.).
Alace Avenue, off Stillman (E. W.).
Madison, from 640 Broad to Madison Square (E. W.).
Madison Avenue, changed to Filumcna.
Madison Square, junction Commercial, East and Madison.
Main, from Washington, corner of Federal via S. W. to Abington line.
Maple from 127 Middle to Chard (E. W.).
Nlassa;~it Road, from Fords Beach (N. W.).
May Terrace, from 176 Union (S. W.).
Mead Road, from Greenvale Avenue (E. W.).
Aliddle, from 537 Commercial (W. H.) to Nash's Corner (S. W.).
Millett Avenue, opposite 165 Pond (S. W.).
Alill Lane, off Commercial (N. W.).
Alonatiquot, from 8.5 Bridge to Fore River.
Morningside Path, from N-0itman's 1~md to Twilight Path (E. AV.).
Merrill, from 27 Evans Road to Fore River.
Moulton Avenue, from 260 Bridge.
Mountain View Road, from Westminster Road (F. IV.).
Mvrtle, from Water to 43 Cedar (F. W.).
Nanset Road, from Wessagusset Road (N. AV.).
Nash's Corner (Liberty Square), junction Alain, Pront and West (S. AV.).
Neck, from 193 North to Fort Point (N. W.).
Newton, from 298 Bridge to 138 Sea (N. W-).
Newton Court, off Newton.
Norfolk, from Tremont to Keith.
North, from 438 ("mronercial to the river (N. XV.).
Norton, from 373 North to 103 Pearl (N. W.).
Oak, from Pine at Cemetery to Ralph Talbot (S. W.).
Oakdale Avenue, from 129 Randolph (S. W.).
Oakdale Road, from Seaver Road (E. W.).
Oakden Avenue, from 311 rond (S. W.).
Occan Avenue, front 207 Sea to 92 Wes~agussct Road (N. X%.).
Park (S. W.), now Ralph Talbot.
Park Avenue, from 497 Main to Ralph Talbot.
Park Road, from 307 Pleasant to Fair Grounds (S.
Parnell, from 53 River at Fort Point (N. W.).
Parsons Avenue, off 598 Union (S. NV.).
Payne Avenue, off Parsons Avenue.
Pearl, from 72 Sea to 209 North (N. W.).
Pequot Road, from 208 Pilgrim Road.
Phillip, from opposite 481 Union (S. W.).
Phillips, front Summit at Webb Park to Broad.

Pierce, Court, front 261 North.
Pilgrim Road, from 40 North to 1 Wessagusset.
Pine, from Pleasant across Ralph , rather to Hinghim line.
Pine Grove Park, off Union near Rockland line.
Pine Ridge Read, from Lake Shore Drive (E. W.).
Pleasant, from Independence Square to Jackson Square,
Pond, from Independence Squire to Abington lme~
Powow Way, from Ramblers; Way to Fore River (N. W.).
Pratt Avenue, off 268 Bridge (N. W.).
Prospect, from Washington at Universalist Church to Webb,
Putnam, from Broad near Franklin school to 725 Commercial.
Ralph Talbot Street, from 181 Pleasant to Itingloun line (S. W.),
Ramblers Way, front 6 Evan., Road to 93 Pearl (N. W,).
Randall Avenue, off 675 Broad (E. W.)_
Randolph, from 19 Pond to Holbrook line (S. W.).
Raymond, from 1131 Pleasant to 103 Cedar (E. W.).
Raymond Squire, junction Park Avenue and Pleasant (S. W).
Reed Avenue, from 133 Union to Central (S. W.).
Richmond, from 152 Washington to Webb.
Richmond Hill, off Richmond.
Richmond Place, from opposite 4 Richmond.
Riley Avenue, from 1134 Pleasant to 20 Iron FlAl (F. W).
River, from Neck to " Bradley's."
Ridge Road, from Lakewood Avenue to Robinhood Road (F. W.).
River Road, from Seaver Road (E. XV.).
Robinhood Road, from Lakewood Avenue (E. W.).
Rocky Dell Avenue, passes Ilenderson.
Riverbank Road, front 26 Murrill to 47 Rosemont Road (N. W~).
Rosalind Road, from 211 Bridge to 6 Evans Road (N. W.).
Rosemont Road, from 176 Bridge to Fore River (N. W.).
Sachem, !rom Fore River Avenue to Weybosser (N. W.).
Sagamore Road, off Sea near Wessagusset (N. W.),
Samoset, from opposite 35 Forest (S. W.).
Sanderson Avenue, from 931 Pleasant (F. W.).
Saunders, from opposite 134 Bridge to Fore River (N. W.).
School, from 10 Ifigh to Myrtle (E. W.)~
Sea, from 128 North to Fore River Avenue (N. W.).
Seaver Road, from 700 Washington (E. W.).
Shaw, from 128 North to Green (N. W.).
Shawmut, from 735 Broad to Pleasant (E. W.).
Shawmut Avenue, off 21 Shawmut (E. W.).
Sherwood Road, from opposite 176 Bridge to Rambler,% Way.
Shore Drive, from .56 Grind View Read to In Ocean Avenue (N. w.).
Skeflev Avenue, off Lake at residence of C, Skelley (E. W.).
South Avenue, front 271 East (E. W.).
Spring, from Essex to Broad ~E. W.),
Squanto Road, from 40 Wessagusset to 208 Pilgrim.
Squantum, from Wessagusset Road.
Standish Road, front 293 Bridge.
Stardev from I In Neck IN. W.).
Statio~ ' 'from 795 Commercial to the depot (L. W.).
Station Avenue. from 791 Comoier,ial to 19 Station.
Sterling, from 109 Front to Braintree line.
Sterling Avenue, from 45 Front to Braintree line.
Stetson, from Front corner of Hunt to Broad.
Stillman, from 732 Washington (E. W.).
Stratford Road. from Ramblers Way to Fore River (N. W.).
Summer, from 67 Front, , orner Broad to Garfield Square.
Summit, from Webb, opposite residence of D. J. Pierce, to Keith.
Summit Exten,ion, from Columercial at depot to Keith.
Taylor Road, off 145 Columbian (S. W.).

I I hi,ket, from Plea%ant near Columbian Square to 40 Park Avenue (S W.).
ortey, from Columbian Square to 77 Park Avenue (S, IV)-
Torrey's Lane, now Kensington Road.
Tower Avenue, from pleasant to Torrey (S. W.).
r 1'rento.t, from 25 Commercial to Keith.
Twilight Path, from Lakewood Avenue to Morningside Path (E. XV.).
Union, from Columbian Square to Rockland line.
Union Avenue, from East (W. IL) to Commercial (N. W.).
Upland Read, from Fore River Avenue near Holbrook Road (N. III,),
Vroeese, from Monatiquot (N. W.).
Vernon Place, from East to Commercial (N ' W.).
%'me, from 141 Washington to 250 Broad.
Wichusett Road, from Ramblers Way to Stratford Road (N. W.).
Walker, off Richmond.
Walnut Avenue, from 131 Front co Braintree line.
Washburn, from 23 Shawmut to Shawnuit (E, W.).
Washington, from Washington Square, via Lovell's Corner to flingham line,
Washington Square, junction of Commercial, Front and Washington Streets.
Water, from Pleasant to Commercial (E, W.).
Webb, from Commercial to Broad.
IVessagusset, from 40 North to 161 Sea (N. W.).
West, from Nash's Corner to Braintree line.
Westminster Road, from 630 Washington to 976 Pleasant (F-- W.).
Weybosset, from 18 Fore River Avenue (N. W.).
Weymouth, from 363 Randolph to Holbrook line.
Wharf, froni 434 East to 1039 Commercial (E. W.),
White, from Union across Central (S. W.).
Whitman, from 665 Broad to Lake (R. W.).
Wirdwood Road, from Moinjigside, Path (E. W.)~
Williams Avenue, from end of Norfolk to 30 Prospect.
Winona Way, from 78 Bluff, northerly.
Wingate Road, from 264 East (F. W~).
Winter, from Front to Washington.
WTdl~)lne %r d~of' Island View Road (F. W.).
We, crT a e, from Tremont to Norfolk.
Woronoce Road, from Ramblers; Way to Fore River (N. W.).
Worster Terrace, from 34 prospect.

Weymouth's Great Hill Park is a fine elevation of seven acres of land on the extreme north coast of the town, and is classed as one of the best viewpoints on the New England coast. From the summit of this hill one gets a view of the coastline and islands of the upper harbor, also the North Shore, the islands and lower 'harbor to and beyond Fort Warren and Boston Light, and then far out to the broad Atlantic. Asystern of roads leading to the summit of the hill, trees and shrubbery add to the attractiveness of this grand old spot.

Beals Park at North Weymouth was a donation to the town by the Hon. Elias S. Beals, a prominent citizen of his day. The park has an area of three and one-half acres and is well located in the heart of the village, extends from Sea to Bridge. Streets and is highly appreciated as a rest place and playground.

Webb Park, a tract of about three acres of ]and lying on the N%est side of Webb Street, was a donation to the town by the descendants


of Samuel Webb, who was one of the leading citizens of his time. The people of Weymouth Landing took up the work of its development and have improved the ground to a large extent, making it an attractive place for picnic parties and for games and sports of all sorts, as it is accessible from many points.

Bayley Green is a small plot of land in Columbian Square, where was erected the first meeting-house in South Weymouth, and named after the first minister, Rev. Jame% Bayley.

Bicknell Square is at the intersection of Bridge, Sea and Pearl Streets, North Weymouth.

Adams Squar ' e is at the intersection of Church. North and Green
Streets, Weymouth Heights-

Madison Square is at the intersection of Madison, Commercial and East Streets, East Weymouth.

Jackson Square is at the intersection of Commercial, Broad and Pleasant Streets, East Weymouth.

Commercial Square is at the intersection of Commercial, Broad, School and High Streets, East Weymouth.

Central Square is at the crossing of Broad and Middle Streets, East Weymouth.

Lincoln Square is at the crossing of Washington and Broad Streets, Weymouth Landing.

Washington Square is at the intersection of Washington, Front and Commercial Streets, Weymouth Landing.

Liberty Square is at the intersection of Main, Front, West and Middle Streets, Nash's Corner.

Columbian Square is at the intersection of Columbian, Pleasant and Union Streets, South Weymouth.

Independence Square is at the intersection of Main, Pleasamand Pond Streets, South Weymouth.

Fountain Square is at the intersection of Main and Pond Streets, South Weymouth.

At a special town meeting, held May 31, 1922, it was -

Voted: I hat the junction of the following squares be trained as designated in memory of)Aeymoutli boyswho gave up their lives in the serviceof their country in the World War.

Hunt and Main Streets James H. Corridan Square
Webb and Broad Streets Thoms,, F. Donovan Jr., Square
North and Sea Streets Arthur B. Hurley Square
Main and Washington Streets Harold W. Hyland Square
Madison and Broad Streets William E. Johnson Square
Hollis and Pond Streets Harold B. Klingernan Square
Main and Pond Streets Parker B. Jones S(luare
Main and Front Streets Ernest B. Mowry Square
Pond and Thicket Streets George T. Nesbitt Square
Park an(] Pleasant Streets Ralph Talbot Square
Union and Central Streets William B. Monteith Square

Bo%berryiinow Union Street.
Brandy 1 11, Madison Street.
Bnrving Island, now known as Whale Island.
Fa~ter Neck, from Fort Point, east.
I.: ort Point (or Trufants), end of Neck Street.
Ferry Point, from Hunt's Hill (ferry to Germantown).
Great Hill ' from Neck Street or Lovell Street.
Great Hill Park, summit of Great Hill; finest view on the New
England coast.
Great Plain, South Weymouth, in neighborhood of Columbian
Harding's Hill, off Sea Street.
Hawk Island, easterly shore, Weymouth Great Pond.
Hockley, WeAlmouth Back River, United States government
Honey Hill, south of Broad Street, Weymouth Landing.
Hunt's Hill, foot of Sea Street, west.
judgment Valley, near Weymouth Heights railroad station.
juniper Point, Bradley's Plant.
King Oak Hill, Commercial Street.
Low Hill, between Essex and Middle Streets
Lower Neck Point, outer point of Back River.
Lovell's Meadow, Commercial and Middle Streets.
Mill Cove, Webb's Mill and Salt Marsh off Commercial Street,
near Essex.
Mosquito Plain (Sv.,h Weymouth), a modification of the Spanish
word Mesquite, meaning little plitin.
Mutton Lane, also called Sheep Street, Pleasant Street, Ward 4.
Old City, between Union and South Main Streets.
Old Spain, northerly part of Weymouth.
Pine Point, North Weymouth at the Quincy bridge.
Pipe Rock, sometimes called the Balanced Rock, near the Hingham
line, on Mosquito Plain.
Pond Plain, South Weymouth, south of railroad station.
Pratt's 14;11 Ister known as the Mountain, Commercial Street,
East Weymouth.
Pratt's Meadow, off Neck Street.
Range Meadow, between Essex and Middle Streets.
Roes Hill, west of Great Hill.
Sampson's Cove, off Neck Street.
Stepping Stone Bridge, near corner North and Pearl Streets.
Thicket, from Pond Street to West Abington, South Weymouth.
Watch House Hill, now North Weymouth Cemetery.
Wester Neck, along shore of Fore River.