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Weymouth Ancestors include King, White, Whitman, etc.

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Norfolk County (was part of Suffolk county)

1635 Weymouth (Wessagusset 1622) seal.
1635 Hingham (Bare Cove 1633) seal. was Norfolk county till 18__, now Plymouth county
1770 Cohasset (was 2nd or east Precinct of Hingham 1717) seal.
1644 Hull (Nantascot) seal.

1640 Braintree (was South and later Middle Precinct of Old Braintree)
1792 Quincy (Merry Mount, Mt Wollaston) (was North Precinct of Braintree) seal.
        Squantum was part of Dorchester till 17__ and
        then joined Braintree north precinct, now Quincy)
1793 Randolph (was new south precinct of Braintree, was Cochato 1634)
1872 Holbrook (was East Randolph) seal.
1662 Milton seal.

Dorchester incorporated into Boston 18__, now Suffolk county.
1705 Brookline (Muddy River, was part of Boston) seal.

1636 Dedhamseal.
1872 Norwood (was part of Dedham) seal.
1897 Westwood (was part of Dedham) seal.

1711 Needham seal.
1881 Wellesley seal.
183_ Dover (parish 1748 district 1784) seal.

1651 Medfield seal.
1885 Millis seal.
1713 Medway seal.

1726 Stoughton seal.
1888 Avon (was part of Stoughton) seal.
1792 Canton (Ponkapoag 1650 was part of Stoughton) seal.

1724 Walpole seal.
1765 Sharon (was 2nd precinct 1740) seal.
1778 Foxborough seal.
1870 Norfolk seal.

1675 Wrentham seal.
1905 Plainville (was part of Wrentham)  seal.
1778 Franklin seal.
1719 Bellingham seal.

Plymouth County

(Old Plymouth County (the Old Colony) included Old Bristol County and Barnstable County Cape Cod)

1620 Plymouthseal.
1726 Kingston seal.
1790 Carver seal.

1707 Plympton seal.
1734 Halifax 1669

1712 Pembroke seal.
1820 Hanson seal.

1637 Duxburyseal.
1640 Marshfield (Green Harbor)  seal.

1686 Rochesterseal.
1739 Wareham from Rochester and Plymouth (Agawam Plantation)
1857 Mattapoisett  (from part of Rochester) seal.
1852 Marion (Sippican 1679) (from part of Rochester)  seal.

1636 Scituate (Satuit) seal.
1888 Norwell (South Scituate) seal.
1727 Hanover seal.

1656 Bridgewaterseal.
1823 East Bridgewater (Satucket, was part of Bridgewater) seal.
1822 West Bridgewater Pulpit Rock was part of Bridgewater) seal.
1821 Brockton (was North Bridgewater) seal.

1712 Abington (Manamooskeagin, was Bridgewater) seal.
1874 Rockland (Hatherly Grant) (was part of Abington) seal.
1875 Whitman (was South Abington) seal.

1645 Middleborough (Nemasket) seal. Lakeville

Barnstable County

1639 Sandwichseal.
1884 Bourne seal.
1870 Mashpee seal.
1686 Falmouth seal.
1863 Gosnold (Naushon Cuttyhunk)

1639 Barnstable seal.

1639 Yarmouth (Mattacheese) seal.
1793 Dennis seal.

1651 Eastham (Nauset) seal.
1797 Orleans seal.
1763 Wellfleet seal.
1709 Truro (Pamet) seal.
1727 Provincetown (precinct 1714) seal.

1694 Harwich seal.
1803 Brewster seal.
1712 Chatham 1656 seal.

Bristol County

Was made a county in 1686 from Plymouth County.
Included till 1747
Bristol County RI :
1681 Bristol (Mount Hope 1679)
1717 Barrington,
1747 Warren,
plus till 1747 these two Newport county Rhode Island towns  :
1694 Tiverton from Dartmouth and Freetown MA),
1682 Little Compton.

1639 Taunton (Cohannet) seal.
1712 Dighton seal.
1785 Swansea (Wannamoisett 1667) seal.
1790 Sommerset seal.
1731 Raynham (was part of Taunton) seal.
1735 Berkley seal.

Taunton North Purchase
1711 Norton (was North Precinct of Taunton) seal.
1725 Easton (from part of Norton) seal.
1775 Mansfield precinct 1731, district 1770 (was part of Norton), seal.

1645 Rehobothseal.
1812 Seekonk (was part of Rehoboth) seal.

Rehoboth North Purchase 1666
1694 Attleborough
189_ North Attleborough
1747 Cumberland Providence County RI (was Attleborough Gore)

1664 Dartmouthseal
1787 Westport seal.
1787 New Bedford (from part of Dartmouth)  seal.
1683 Freetown seal.
1803 Fall River (from part of Freetown)  seal.
1812 Fairhaven seal.
1860 Acushnet seal.
1694 Tiverton from Dartmouth and Freetown MA),
1682 Little Compton.

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