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Several Holbrook are found in early records that are either transients, error in the records, or they apparently returned to England.

Capt. John Holbrook of the ship Sarah and Elizabeth of Bristol. He is found in MD and VA records concerning nonpayment by merchants for English goods. He died Jamaica, 1688, leaving wife and children. None have been found in America.

Roger Holbrook married Mary (Boston), 1738, Baltimore, MD. Records show two children: John, 1745; Roger, 1748. No subsequent trace found. Apparently moved back to England.

Samuel, Joan Holbrook. Both had MD headrights collected for their arrival in 1667. No further trace of either or of any descendants has been found.

Francis Holbrook. Joseph Holbrook. Both were prisoners who were transported to America in 1727 and 1743, respectively. No further trace of either has been found.

George Holbrook is listed as a will witness, Calvert Co., MD, 1738. No other trace of him.


of Somerset, England to Ontario, Canada, 1832.

Jacob was born in 1792 according to information in Canada. He married Charlotte Mapson in England where five of their six children were born.

This line has been traced to the present day in some lines. A great grandson of Jacob was a physician and started a TB Sanitorium in Canada. He the the subject of the book HOLBROOk OF THE SAN, published in Canada.

The marriage of Jacob and Charlotte has been found in the records of the Bristol Temple Church, Bristol, England. The found baptisims are in Harptree and West Harptree Parish Registers.

Jacob Holbrook, b. Jun 13, 1792 d. Sep 12 1848 married Charolotte Mapson who was born Mar 15 1796, died Nov 22 1868. Children were: Joseph, 1819-1882; Martha, 1821-1899; Edwin, 1824-; John, 1827-1899; Millicent, 1829-1910; William, 1838-1914.

, of Somerset, England, to Massachussetts, early 1600s.

THOMAS HOLBROOK was born about 1590 and married, Sep 12, 1616, Jane Powyos at Glastonbury, Somerset. He died in Weymouth, MA, May 10, 1676. Jane was born about 1594 and died at Weymouth prior to Apr 24, 1677.

Thomas and his family came to America In 1635 on the ship "MARYGOLD". They are listed on a passenger list as embarking from Weymouth, England. A deposition made Nov 02 1666 by Thomas, states he is age 77 years and the company arrived at Dorchester, Jun 07, 1635; he was at Dorchester for about a fortnight then he moved to Weymouth where he built a house.

JOHN HOLBROOK came over prior to 1625 as his father's will mentions him in a manner indicating he was not in Glastonbury when the will was written. The passenger list of the MAYFLOWER has been checked and NO HOLBROOK ARE FOUND TO HAVE COME OVER ON IT!

Mr. A. Roberts Lord authored a book on Holbrook In which he states that Thomas Holbrook married Constance Thayer in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, 1560. It should be noted that the Thornbury registers also have marriages of a Thomas Holbrook and Edith Marten In 1562 and one of Thomas Holbrook and Margery Morton in 1569. I have not found one bit of evidence that these Holbrook of Gloucester have any relationship to the Somerset lines. After obtaining the Glastonbury Wills, I feel an error has been made by Mr. Lord. The lines may be related but it would be from an earlier time, my estimate is prior to about 1510.

The direct lineage is:

RICHARD HOLBROOK alias HOGES, will 1546, Dundry, Somersetshire.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, will 1559, Dundry, Somst. Married second, Agnes (Derell) Sanders.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, will 1571, Norton Malreward, Somst. Married second, Edith

WILLIAM HOLBROOK, will 1635, Glastonbury, Somst.

THOMAS and JOHN, both to New England.


of Isle of Wight, Benjamin to Philadelphia, James and Charles to Baltimore.

BENJAMIN HOLBROOK was a sea captain who first lived in Baltimore, MD then he moved to Philadelphia in the earliest 1800s. His family line comes down to the present day.

JAMES AND CHARLES HOLBROOK arrived at Philadelphia Oct 14, 1832, with a stated destination of Ohio. They are later found in Baltimore where Mary (Harvey), wife of James, died about 1823. lames died about 10 months later leaving sons James, b ca 1818; George, b ca 1818; and William, b ca 1821.

A brother to Mary (Harvey) Holbrook, George, had come to the US in 1819 and lived in Baltimore about 2 years, moving to Philadelphia about 3 years then to Ontario, Canada. He raised his orphaned Holbrook nephews in Canada.

Also found in the 1850 Philadelphia census is a Jacob Holbrook, born about 1813, England, who may be related but is unidentified at this time.

Following is the Isle of Wight, England genealogy of this line.

PHILIP HOLBROOK married Eleanor Love, 1564.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, b. ca.1571, married Elizabeth Cook.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, b. ca. 1611, married Ann Coope.

JOHN HOLBROOK, b.1633, died 1681, married Ursula Kent.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, b ca 1670, d 1726, married Thomasin Cook.

JOHN HOLBROOK married Mary Perkins.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, C1671, d. 1774, married Anne Porter.

BENJAMIN HOLBROOK, C1757, married Ruth Carter. They had:

BENJAMIN, b. 1780, d. 1859 Phila.PA, who married Jane, who d. 1836, Phila. Children all born Phila.: Benjamin, b 1829; Sarah A. c1812; Martha, c1822, Anna, c1827; Jane, c1817 married William Easby; Charles N. who married Margaret Morton.

JAMES, C.1789, married Mary (Harvey).

CHARLES, C.1792.


of Worcestershire, England, to Montgomery Co., MD.

James is listed on a Revolutionary War muster roll entry, dated 1780, where his residence is stated as Montgomery Co., MD, age 37, born Worcester. It does not say if Worcester is the County or the City of that name. The accuracy of these rolls is not known, nor of the transcription as this was found in a printed book. Specifically the age given as 37 is questioned, as will be seen below.

James is not a popular given name In  Worcestershire, and only ONE baptism  of a James has been found that could be the James above. It is in 1740 in the parish of Luisley and Aifrick. If the age given in the roll was 39 then a perfect fit would be made. The written 7 and 9 could be easily misread, so, although there seems to be a small difference in the birth year, this does appear to be him. His line is known back several generations, it being the same line that appears to be ancestral to Thomas Holbrook of Somerset Co, MD. No trace of any descendants has been found.

HENRY HOLBROOK, will 1848, Lenchwick, Worc., married Isabel. Two of their children are:

THOMAS HOLBROOK. Possibly line I-5 of MD.

JOHN HOLBROOK, C1606, married Jane. This line continued below.

JOHN HOLBROOK, married Elizabeth.

JAMES HOLBROOK, C1691, married Rabecca Hall.

JAMES HOLBROOK, C1713, married Catherine

JAMES HOLBROOK, C 1740, Alfrick and Luisley Parish. No wife or issue found.


possibly of Worcester Co. England, to Somerset Co., MD.

The wills of this family are exist ant from the first American generation (Thomas in 1717) through the early 1800s. Thomas appears many time in the land and legal records as he was a Constable In 1689, married in 1678, parish vestryman in 1898, and his 1717 will names his children.

The English origins of Thomas may be Worcestershire. Thomas is such a common given name that It is hard to make an Identification using it. Clayton Torrence, author of 'Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore' states that both the names Thomas and Mathias Holbrook appear in the early records of Maryland. He gives a listing of early settlers he says came from land and court records of 1688-1700 which Includes these names.

I have examined the card indexes at the Maryland Hall of Records (about 150 indexes in all) and cannot find any Mathias entry. If Torrence is correct, then the rarity of the name Mathias may be a clue. Mathias is only found in the Worcester lines descended of Henry Holbrook, in which he names both Thomas and Mathias as sons, in addition to other children.

A Christening for Mathias has been found in 1623, plus his death in 1678 as a bachelor, in Worcester. If Torrence is correct about Mathias, then this certainly could be him, after he returned to England.

HENRY HOLBROOK, will 1648, Lenchwick, Worcester. Married Isabel.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, married first, Mary Smith, second, 1878, Alice Leverton. Issue: 1. Sarah, who married Edward Wright. 2. Martha, who married Thomas Brown. S. Thomas, who married Sarah (Shiles).

See also section I-4 on James Holbrook.


of Anne Arundle Co., MD.

This line has an interesting court entry (AA Co. MD 1734) where Joseph states that he is upward of 72 years of age, that he had been in this country about 50 years, and he had served his time with Mr. Frizzle on the South River. This indicates he arrived about 1884, was an indented servant, and was born about 1662.

The available printed passenger lists include a 'John' Holbrook who arrived in 1684 on the ship 'Maryland Merchant'. Tracking this entry down shows that 'John' is included on a listing that was one of several short lists turned in to collect the 'headright' money for paying the passage of the listed people. The list containing 'John' was over 5 years old when it was turned in. Due to the nature of this record and the delay In turning It in, it seems that naming 'John' for Joseph could be an easy error to make. Also, there is no trace of a John in MD in this time, only a Joseph, and the entry year of the headright claim fits the time Joseph said he arrived. For these reasons, I feel that the 1884 passage is Joseph Holbrook of Anne Arundle Co., MD.

The records of All Hallows Parish give entries for the vital events of this family line.

A letter from a descendant, dated In the 1930., has been located and he tells that the family divided, with one branch going over to VA while the other branch stayed in MD. This fits exactly with what has been found. Joseph (1697-1752) went to Westmoreland Co., VA, while descendants of John, his brother, are found in Caroline Co., MD and later in Baltimore.

JOSEPH HOLBROOK, b ca 1662, d after 1734, married first Temperance Wade, who died 1705. Married second, Dorothy Collingswood, who died 1718. Children: 1. Joseph, b 1697, MD, died 1752 Westmoreland, Co VA. Married first Mary Mont, and second, Mary Culver. His children are: Rachel, C1717, Mary, C1723, Ann, C1723, Deborah, an infant in 1754, and Mordecai, who had an inventory 1787, Weatmoreland Co VA. 2. Anne, b 1704. 3. John,


of Staffordshire, England. To Baltimore, MD, Salem, NJ, and Northampton Co., VA.

Rev. John is found in some Baltimore parish entries as their minister in the 1720s. Alter 1724 he was minister at Salem, NJ, where he remained until 1730. A letter of 1729 has been found where he visited a church superior in VA requesting a church in that state. This was apparently granted for he is later at Northampton, Co., VA until his death in 1746. His will does not name his wife, but a 1742 court record identifies her as Jane Smith, who has a brother John Smith, both children of Samuel Smith.

Court entries in Northampton of the late 1770s show where his children give power of attorney to Mr. Hinckley of Staffordshire. Rev. John is named in his brothers will of the late 1770s which is why the power of attorney was needed.

Rev. John Holbrook attended Cambridge University, being age 20 in 1715, son of Edward of Stafford, Bachelors at Wolverhamton School. Available Stafford wills and administrations give this line back to the mid 1500s.

JOHN HOLBROOK, administration, 1546, Staffordshire.

WILLIAM HOLBROOK, administration 1558, married Elizabeth, who had a will 1558.

THOMAS HOLBROOK, inventory 1606.

WILLIAM HOLBROOK, will 1842, married Ann.


EDWARD HOLBROOK, born 1843, d 1876, married Ellen. Two of their children are:

Rev. Edward Holbrook, will 1772 in which he names 'four children of his late brother John, in foreign parts beyond the seas'. Early VA records contain a cattle mark for Edward, it is not known if he was actually here and when he returned.

REV. JOHN HOLBROOK, will 1746, married Jane Smith. Children: 1. Edward, will 1756, Northampton Co., VA. No Issue. 2. Samuel, will 1765, had only a daughter Jane. 3. Ann, will 1773. 4. Jane. 5. John, will 1804 Franklin Co., GA. He lived in Caburrus Co., NC after the late 1770s. His sons are: Caleb, who married Priscilla (Baker); Jacob, married Mary (Lowery); Vaichel; William, married Sarah (Baker).

The October 4, 1554 issue of THE BEDFORD WEEKLY YEOMAN, newspaper of Shelbyvllle, TN carried the following;

'HORRID. One of the most fiendish acts we have ever heard of is recorded by the Rowan, (N.C.) WHIG: In Cabarrus county, last week, a man by the name of Holdbrooks hung his own son. He had sent the boy to a neighbors to procure something to eat, and the boy returned without it. Holdbrooks then sent him back, and threatened if he returned without It he would hang him. The boy returned as before whereupon the father took him out to a tree and hanged him. Holbrooks then fled, but has been apprehended.'

This was found in 1968. Searching court records turned up nothing. It was not until this year (1988) that the following was found.

'Western Democrat', Charlotte, NC, Friday, September 22, 1854. 'A Mistake. The last 'Rowan Whig' of the 9th inst., gives an account of the murder of a boy named Holbrooks, by his father, as having occurred in this county. This is a mistake. It was reported here, about a month ago, that a man by the name of Hoibrooks, in Mecklenburg, had hung his son, but we afterwards heard it contradicted. Weather it was true or not we do not know. We do not remember of seeing any account of such a murder in the Charlotte papers - Concord Gazette'


of Cheshire, England, Stafford and King George Counties, VA.

Ralph Holbrook of Waigherton, Cheshire, states in his 1725 will that his children are: Elizabeth, married to Samuel Venables; John (to be given a share of the estate if he should come and claim It in 7 years); Thomas; William; and Randol, who had a son Randol named in this will. Nowhere is a share given to Randol, his son.

Parish registers show that John married Mary Brassy in 1720 and had Mary, 1720; William, 1722. The fate of Mary is unknown and his 1733 will names his wife as Katherine. His son, William, married 1744, Stafford Co VA and is found In Stokes Co NC after a 1758 tax list. This 1733 Will also names as a brother, Randolph of Stafford Co VA and, godsons, Edy, Randolph, and John.

This brother Randolph moved to Goochiand Co., VA shout 1752 where he died 1777. His sons moved to Wilkes Co., NC In the late 1770. and all three are found there in a 1787 state census.

Edy went to SC and GA prior to 1790 with the other two staying in Wilkes; Randolph died 1793 and John about 1808.

Searching the records of Cheshire has continued for over 8 years. Hopefully some information will be found that will answer the remaining questions. The generations prior to Ralph (with the 1725 will) may have been identified and corraborating evidence is being sought. The problem is that Ralph (with 1725 Will) appears to fit one place, but there is a Randolph and John who are untraced and it is possible they are the Virginia Randolph and John. This entire branch has been traced back to the late 1500s.

Another William Holbrook is found in Stafford Co. Virginia, who appears to be related to Ralph who had the 1725 Will. He died 1754 leaving son, William Jr. who died Summer, 1755 at Ft Cumberland.. Few records have been found of either, other than where William Sr. was charged with adultry and paid a fine in 1730. The son seems to have been at "Braddock's Defeat', for Braddock raised his army to fight the indians in the Stafford Co VA area, the went to Ft. Cumberland where they were defeated in the Summer of 1755. No other issue has been found and there are no strays around so it is believed that this line died out.

RALPH HOULBROOK, will 1725, Walgherton, Cheshire. Children, others also:

RANDOLPH, married 1730, Elizabeth (Pattison) Conyers, had a) Edy, who married Mary Tolben and had, William, Zachariah, Edy, Jesse, Randolph. b) Randolph, who married Mary, and had Robert, Colby, Randolph, Larkin, William, Ralph, and Isaac. c) John who married Mary (Hargis) Hammon and had, John, Randolph, and Hargis. d) Elizabeth, who married Earle.

JOHN HOLBROOK, died 1733, married Mary Brassy, names wife in Will as Katherine. Had William, 1722, Cheshire, who married, 1744 Elizabeth King, and married second, Susannah Riddle, had, John, James, William, George, and Henry. Elizabeth, born Cheshire. No further trace.

lived Albemarle County, NC.

His will is dated 1683 and it names sons Joseph and John, daughters Mary and Margaret. Elizabeth Slocomb Is mentioned in a way to show she is a married daughter as she was given clothing that "were her mother's".

Joseph has a will dated 1711 where he gives away his carpenter's tools. Apparently unmarried.

John became a large landowner In Bertie County and served as a Justice of the Peace. His will is dated 1740, but an inventory Indicates he died about 1743. He had one known son, John, with Robert being a possible son who appears to have died without issue.

John, the named son, died without land and in debt in 1750. A letter written by a person he owed money stated that John's only relation was an aunt, Margaret Jones, who lived on the Tar River.

Robert appears in a few land records as a witness in 1718 and 1719. No further trace has been found nor have any strays that could be descendants.


of Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Jacob, a cabinetmaker, Is first found in Savannah records when, in 1748, he swapped land with A. Gautier. He sold land In 1753 which was granted him by the 'President and Council of Georgia' and died about 1785 leaving a son, Jacob and Daughter Elisabeth, as well as his wife, whose will is dated 1806, Effingham Co GA where she is Mary Elisabeth Heidt.

Jacob Jr. required a guardian in 1765, but in 1766 he was granted his father's land in Savannah. He is found in the 1790 census in Beaufort Co., SC. He moved to Greene Co., Al in 1819 with his sons, Jacob, Burweil, and Joseph. There maybe another son, as the 1790 census contains an 'extra" male.

The family is given as Halbrook of Halbrooks in most records which may indicate a Lancashire, Cheshire, or Shropshire accent.

JACOB HALBROOKS had, 1, Jacob, b.ca.1789 SC who married Elizabeth and had Jacob, James Burwell, William, Nancy, and Martha Ann. 2, Joseph, b. 1770-80, SC, only found in 1830 census with two apparent daughters. Not afterward found. 3, Burwell, b.ca.1792, SC, had Daniel G, John, William, A. Jackson, William J., Susan, Nancy, Sarah and Stacy.

The family moved from SC to Green Co., AL about 1817. Later some moved to Oktibbah Co., MS.


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